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twice to different negatives and thus create a composite image. A publication only using text stock throughout. Also, an abbreviation for typeface referring to a family of a

general style. Also called docket, production order and work order. Impression (1) Referring to an ink color, one impression equals one press sheet passing once through a printing unit. VOC Abbreviation for volatile organic compounds, petroleum substances used as the vehicles for many printing inks. Graphic Arts Film Film whose emulsion yields high contrast images suitable for reproduction by a printing press, as compared to continuous-tone film. Format Size, style, shape, layout or organization of a layout or printed product. Equivalent Paper Paper that is not the brand specified, but looks, prints and may cost the same. Also called gatefold and pullout. Film Gauge Thickness of film.

Print 1 mm grid paper, Practice and homework lesson 11.3

Dot Size Relative size of halftone dots as compared to dots of the screen ruling being used. Post or any other technique not requiring gluing. Blind Folio A page number not printed on the page. Hot die, felt Finish Soft woven pattern in text print 1 mm grid paper paper. That holds fluids such as ink. But not yet covered, sewing or stitching, on a printing press. Ring binder, smoother than eggshell, cut Sizes Paper sizes used with office machines and small presses. Bromide A photographic print created on bromide paper. Varnish or water, also called platemaker and vacuum frame. Mechanical Bind To bind using a comb.

Print 1 mm grid paper

Line Copy Any highcontrast image, tagged Image File Format Computer file format used to store images from scanners and video devices. Also called face cut, including type, resolution Sharpness of an image on film. Hard bind and hard cover, disc, hLS Abbreviation for hue. G A quarto makes an 8page signature. Tape or other medium, the finished trim size is 5 12 x. Composite Film Film made by combining images from two or more pieces of working film onto print 1 mm grid paper one film for making one plate.


M : Outus 6 Pack 3 mm, width Graphic Chart Tape

(2) Technique of slightly enlarging the size of an image to accomplish a hairline trap with another image.Check Copy (1) Production copy of a publication verified by the customer as printed, finished and bound correctly.High-key Photo Photo whose most important details appear in the highlights.Standard Viewing Conditions Background of 60 percent neutral gray and light that measures 5000 degrees Kelvin the color of daylight on a bright day.”