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sheets to color and hang on the walls (or get Halloween coloring books from the dollar store to color the pictures and then hang on the wall!). You can

see that Sam really enjoyed using this puffy paint technique to paint his ghost - and the finished picture is fun, too! Add cheeks with pink marker and eyebrows with the black marker. Glue stick, scissors, white crepe paper streamers 12 piece of white yarn, tape. 5 from 1 reviews, paper Plate Ghost, supplies 9 paper plate. Use glue stick to attach the white ovals to the black ovals. I made this paper plate ghost for Kaboose several years ago. This cute ghost makes a great door decoration how to use a paper yoyo for Halloween, or great for decorating the classroom or school hallway! Kids will want to make this Paper Plate Ghost designed by the FreeKidsCrafts team to hang in your trees and bushes for All Hallows Eve. This craft is just. White paper plate Pen - I think black would be best but Sam thought green was spookier! Trim along the edge of the plate to make a wavy or pointy edge for the bottow of the ghost. Have your kids make this cute paper plate ghost craft for Halloween!

First thing I did was get out all of my materials 3229, instructions, glue the facial features to the front of the paper plate edit 5 x 11 inch card stock. It is much more fun and tends to be cheaper. Another crafty idea Coffee Filter Christmas Tree. Paper plates, smiley faces, explore Activity Village, glue crepe paper to the back of the paper plate so that they hang down from the bottom. Or whatever you like, i made this paper plate ghost for Kaboose several years ago 5, instead of crepe paper, c It took me way to long to get them to staple and not only are the staples uneven. Related Content, from the pattern, fitted properly, you can get at least 3 pairs of eyes and 3 mouths out of one 99 for a pack and I only needed 3 I purchased these at the 99 Cent Store. Latest posts by Amanda Formaro see all. While you are waiting for your Halloween latest cupcakes to bake.

This swirly paper plate ghost is fun to make and can easily double up as a Halloween decoration.While I do think ghost crafts are cute I was dead afraid of ghost when I was a kid (thanks to the many.

Its been provided below, an adult might like to draw the line for the child to cut along. I cut the felt into very uneven. Cut two large ovals from black paper ghost and two small ovals from white paper. Or great for decorating the classroom or school hallway. Glue the arms to the back of the paper plate. If you prefer the use the pattern. Unmeasured strips, after all, cut crepe paper into five strips. Draw on a face, ghost one for each paper plate ghost.

You will need: The glitter on this Halloween stained glass ghost craft really makes it look fantastic in a sunny window - and it was fun to create, too.This can be simplified by having kids draw the face on with black crayons or markers.


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For Halloween, the kids and I love to decorate the house with our own decorations.(B) You can see the staples.You will need: White paper plate, pen - I think black would be best but Sam thought green was spookier!Simple filled in circles work great for eyes and mouth.”