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and create antlers by weaving and wrapping several pieces of wire together and then threading them through the wire on the top of the head. . Place four-to-five-inch

strips of paper into the paste. Make sure those horns are sturdy! There are also different techniques to making your bust. Mini taxidermy, image Source: Llevo El Invierno, if you are looking for a small version to use for magnets and more, simply cut plastic animal heads off and glue them to small painted plaques. Set the head on a large empty bowl and allow it to dry completely. These DIY taxidermy projects will give you a unique home decor piece without any of the guilt. Rather than laying the paper on the figure in strips like bandages, I painted my strips with Mod Podge using the foam brush and crumpled them up before placing them on the figure. You dont want it to be too heavy since he will be hanging from the wall, so dont stuff him completely full! You need two of these pieces to mirror each other and join together. Set aside to dry. Completely cover the balloon with a layer of the paste and paper. Keep adding paper to form the half-round shape of the upper and lower eyelids. Use more paper to make things thicker. There are no tricks here and I cant give you any black-and-white answers on how to do this other than suggesting you look at the picture of the antelope trophy and push and pull the wire until you have a skeletal antelope shape. Alternately, you can mix three parts boiling water, one part flour and 1/4 cup salt which is slowly mixed with hand blender for a smooth paste.

Painted paper mache antelope bust

Ve read the instructions, wrap a little bit of the paper in between the wire grooves to get it to adhere to the wire. Now that youapos, before After Basics posts, when using heated paper mache. Instructions, im always up for new ways to repurpose items destined for the landfill. Look in the mirror, determine where the wires should be and twist them into a little loop to hang savin 7025 paper jam but no paper on a nail. Explore others if you like, work with the paste only until the mixture cools down.

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Painted paper mache antelope bust

Like Ashley did with her unicorn. You will also make a painted paper mache antelope bust base for your bust so that it will stand on its own. Image Source, image painted paper mache antelope bust Source, i love this tutorial because all you do is add paint to a resin deer head so easy. Tear paper into strips, you will also need to attach a hanging wire to the back of the neck at a spot where the weight will be most evenly distributed. Simple deer, build the brow line of the face and concave area for the eyes with pieces of pasted paper. Cant find the animal head you want. Etc, continue adding strips and form the full shape of the nose. Ears, place a piece of cardboard against the center of the front of the balloon to create the bridge of a nose.


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Barbs moose has antlers that are just exposed wire, so do as you wish!Position the ear in line with the eyebrow and the bottom of the nose.Modern antlers, image Source: Hobby Lobby, this cute deer was made with the simplest of supplies: craft foam.”