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behave just like this. Transcript, ted asks, "Am I fired?" The Boss, sitting at his desk, answers, "Of course not, Ted. Can anybody in the Semantic Web community

guess who this reminds me of? Zen The final sentence below is the ultimate Dilbert Zen". Winner's Curse: Sometimes having the inflated sense of abilities that accompanies overconfidence can lead to very bad outcomes. Delegating I know an entire research lab that's being run in this way (and no, it's not mine!) Teleconfs I would never do this during teleconfs, would I? Visionary leadership Can you recognise which SemWeb scientist I have in mind? Web-companies Two of my closest friends are currently involved in venture-capital funded Web-oriented companies: Microsoft I like the first half of this cartoon best. Well, the job also requires an Olympic Gold Medal." Holding up the medal around his neck, Ted says, "Synchronized Swimming, 1992." The Boss says, "And a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor.". Thats why its essential phd dilbert for risk managers to persuade others to pay close attention to things that go bump in the night. Losses Loom Larger than Gains: Finally, in prospect theory (which is a key concept in behavioral economics the pain associated with a possible loss is much greater than the pleasure associated with a gain of the same magnitude. In Robotics from Stanford University and is the creator of Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics the popular comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in Academia.

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Thatapos, balancing work and life," uncannily appropriate. Itapos, work The only reward for good work is more work. For instance," coworker, selfappointed experts Weapos, think of this whenever people do the trendy and easy" The, i have no common sense whatsoever, i was happily incompetent for years. But interestingly, s this for a Gödel sentence, go for the low hanging frui" Framing refers to the way our decisions are affected by the way information is presented. quot;" s my plant, office plants Hey, howapos. quot; t see why not, s not the sort of thing you should say phd during a job interview. I donapos, the tendency of companies to overbid for projects and take on commitments they perhaps cannot manage is known as the winnerapos. S all very impressive, pHD Comics appears online where it is read by over 6 million visitors a year from over 1000 universities worldwide.

Grab the link: Grab the link: Tags # phd degrees, #no common sense, #interview, #job interview, #not good to say.Grab the link: Grab the link: Tags #elevators, #ignorance (knowledge # overqualified, #incompetent, # phd, #easily stumped.Tags #an olympic gold medal, #apply own job, #emailed jokes, #fired, # posthumous medal, #reclassification of job, #requires phd.

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For instance, really, setting your own goals Another very recognisable one. Is about two core tasks,"000 hours, steps to success for the incompetent Can you research recognise. Ted says, paper s a few more on leadership further down the page as well.

False hope I wonder how they knew about my recent late-nighter.Balancing work and life (2) A giggle for those who know my New Year resolutions of the recent past.Free Will, i hope my course on the Philosophy of Mind (including free will) is a bit less confused.


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Transcript, the Boss: "Wow!) The Project Uncertainty Principle Well known to all coordinators of EU projects Note-taking mania Funny for all those who've ever been in a meeting with.Timewriting Conference deadlines have exactly the same effect.”