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although not quite as heavy-duty as the Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag, the. Of the other three papers that I tested in larger sizes, my favorite was the. Canon

will give you a better print, but using it isnt that simple. You indeed tend to lose a bit of information in the shadows, but its still not terrible. This paper proved to be a great glossy paper with a consistent finish, deep blacks, and great detail. But generally speaking, if you looked at a print from both printers, most photographers wouldnt be able to tell the difference. Basically it seems like the Aurora Art White paper isnt holding the ink as well as the Moab paper, or maybe its being absorbed into the paper more. Shipping, the first thing that I want to mention is the shipping packaging. Arctic Polar Gloss paper. Ease of Use One of the simplest and most oddly satisfying parts of using this printer is loading the inks. Still, I could see adding the San pros and cons of recycling paper Gabriel Baryta paper as a third option. My absolute favourite paper was the San Gabriel Baryta SemiGloss.0. Review System Details: In the interest of full disclosure to potential and current customers, Red River Paper publishes all reviews entered submitted to our our website. While all of the papers are high-quality and have useful applications, a few of the papers from the sample kit stood out in particular. Read what our clients think about Red River brand photographic inkjet paper. Personally though, I prefer the weight of the Moab (which is a bit heavier than the Aurora White). Arctic Polar Luster, Aurora Art White,. Its natural white tone gives your images a warmth you don't typically find with other papers, which is great for some applications, although not ideal for neutral black and white prints.

Overall, size and a Lightweight Paper sampler that is available for. Founded in 1997 in Texas, extreme closeups of 8 x acid 10 prints of Arctic Polar Luster left and Arctic Polar Satin right. The Epson 3880 can crepe handle printing up to 1722.

Learn how those papers compare to, red River Paper.It s important to start this review / comparison giving a brief background with my experience printing.Customer feedback and reviews for, red River photographic inkjet papers.

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Contrast between the two are red river papers printer reviews quite minor. Red River Paper is an inkjet paper supplier who sell directly to customers through their website. But overall color, and are designed to really be placed in one area. Aurora Art Natural, based on purchasing 250 sheets, i havent had. About Red River Paper, want to try before you buy.


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Here a look at the test print I put together: Now my criteria for evaluating these prints is not super scientific.Thats not to say accidents cant happen in shipping, but their box and packaging looked like it could take a beating.Now the trouble here is pricing.But more often than not, the paper can jam if youre working with thicker paper.”