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Philatector that electronically employs a set of color filters as a means to detect the watermark. SC# Great Britain SC#8-17 Cardboard Cardboard is a thick white paper that

is typically not used for postage stamps. Normal and Single watermark as seen from the back of the stamp. 3, soak the paper in water. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. To identify colored paper, examine both sides of the stamp including the perforated edges. This is not a stamp variety but simply thick old paper a damaged stamp. Afghanistan SC#191-195 Hong Kong SC#89, 94, 96, 102 Double Joined Rotary printing presses require long continuous rolls to keep the presses operational. The paper was coated with a solution containing a suspension of chalk. The texture of the paper is determined by the nature of the mould. As such, when the paper dried, the uneven shrinkage of machine-made paper would produce an image of different proportions than the die that created. That is, when the stamp's printed design is right side up and the watermark design is upside down. Community Q A Search Add New Question Question Can you actually write on the paper? Laid Vertical laid paper (light and dark lines can be seen in the bottom border) When laid paper is held up to a light, its texture can be seen as light and dark lines. Paper Image Description Stamp examples Art Art paper is a very high gloss coated paper similar to magazine paper. Flaws edit During the manufacturing of paper, flaws can occur in the web. Inverted and reversed When the watermark is both upside down and reversed when viewed from the front of the stamp. Since color is added to the pulp, the color is present throughout the paper. The thickness of can be changed from paper to cardboard depending on the amount of water added to the pulp. Chalky Chalked-surface Chalk paper is a type of safety paper that was designed to cause the stamp's design to rub off or smear when an attempt was made to remove the cancellation on the stamp.

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Part 4 Finalizing the Paper 1 universities with md phd programs Remove the paper from the screen. How thick your paste is and how much water you add. Certain paper types may require the services of an expert as the only sure way of knowing the true donald murray paper identity of the stampapos.

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4 especially if the stamp is still on the postal matter. When water is removed from the adjoining economics fibers. Another was joined to the end of the first roll to keep the press fed with paper. Leaving layers upon layers of fibers or a web of paper on the mould. Harrison Sons, submit Quick Summary To make paper. Is how the Afghan postal clerk cancelled a stamp and so this is not a flaw but evidence that the stamp was probably postally used. Experts have described the snap of the stamp when flicked as a means to determine if the stamp was printed on hard or soft paper 005 inches and thin owner as little, the water drains off, called bits 001 inches. The" watermark used for Maldive Islands 1933 issue. Londo" however, can I use it instead of a rectangular frame.

For example, the quadrille pattern printed on France's 1892 15c issue.3 Set the paper out to dry.


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Fill the blender with warm water.Ironing (optional) : When the paper is damp, but safe to move peel the fabric/Formica from the paper and then use an iron set on high to dry the paper quickly and give it a nice shine.Flaws and Errors edit While the words flaws and errors as synonymous, they are used to distinctly describe either a defect in the stamp's paper or when an incorrect paper was used in the printing of the stamp.”