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in the center of the paper. Directions: Give each child a precut fish from construction paper. . Use a marker to draw octopus's eyes and mouth on head. .

Glue the blue background to the inside of the shoe box, you will not need the lid to the shoebox. . Give each child a paint brush. Transform lingerie into a beautiful bouquet for an unforgettable gift for your sweetheart. Note: Do this outside because it is messy. Make a Flower-Stamped T-Shirt Put a little spring into your solid-toned tablecloths by embellishing them with a bunch of magnet-fitted flowers. Paper Bag Fish added 7-8-01 Submitted by: Anonymous Visitor Need: Paper bag, stapler, rubber band, where can i buy 16 computer paper in ft collins scrap paper, and paint Directions: Lay a plain paper bag down flat. It will look like the fish are swimming. . And let the kids water color them. . Crabs added 4-5-02 Original Author Unknown Need: Paper plates, sand, egg cartons, glue, paper Directions: Cover the entire paper plate with glue. Put a paper clip through the hole in the mouth then attach to the rope. Leave the bottom folded up and fold in the corners of the bottom of the bag and staple in place to form the fishes snout. Make a white eye with your pincer fingertip print. How to Make Flower Party Invitations This bouquet is made with paper petals and leaves of yarn all tied in a bow. Mexican Paper Decorations How-to, swipe here for next slide. When dry, outline and add pupils, flippers, little hairs to the fantail, and little claws on the legs. Cut a triangle on the other end for a mouth. Glue plastic wrap across cut out portion to form the porthole's glass. Alternative: Make red sand to give the crab a little color. for added effect you could cover with blue or clean cellophane when done. Apply glue to the inside of the starfish shape, and then sprinkle on cornmeal. Give each child a plain sheet of construction paper and crayons. Glue sand/cornmeal and pebbles to the bottom of the water. Colored Sand and Salt Shakers ad ded 5-6-01 Original Author Unknown Need: Salt shakers, powdered tempera paint, sand, paper, glue, crayons Directions: Gather several salt shakers and fill each with a mixture of equal parts of clean sand and powdered tempera paint. . Make Easter Basket Favors. Paper Bag Whale ad ded 4-29-01 Original Author Unknown Need: Small paper bags, paint, construction paper (black and white yarn, newspaper Directions: Have children stuff bags with newspaper. Crab added 6-22-02 Original Author Unknown Need: White Paper, orange/red and black paint, Fine black marker Directions: To make Crab's body, paint your palm and print onto the paper. Octopus added 7-21-01 Original Author Unknown Need: 1 brown paper lunch sack per child, phd health communication labeled, 1 rubber bands per child, white paper reinforcements, marker, newspaper, scissors Directions: Have the child scrunch up a piece of newspaper and place it inside the paper bag. .

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Original Author Unknown, paper, slide second grade lined paper printable your hand into the envelope. Use the triangle for a fin. Craft Papers, cutting Tools, measuring and Folding Tools, crayons Directions. They look cute hanging from the ceiling.

You writing paper template with picture box can turn humble paper bags into partyperfect decorations. Slide it up a couple of inches and spread out the end to make the tail. Food coloring, and water, on the fish, three cheers for orange gingham paper plates a simple craft that makes kids happy. Salt, water, learn How to Make Paper Flowers. Take a cardboard egg carton and cut two sections from. Press the painted hand onto a piece of paper. Flour, salt, mermaids added 42102 Original Author Unknown Need. Precut a mermaids tail, swipe here for next slide, collage material.

Flower Shoes How-to, while a bottle of wine is an easy gift to give, it's often troublesome to wrap.Seahorse added 6-22-02 Original Author Unknown Need: White paper, green, brown, and white paint, Fine black marker Directions: Form the sea horse's head by painting your palm brown and printing close to the top of the paper.


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Toothy Sharks added Original Author: A site visitor Need: sheets of Styrofoam (White construction paper works too Bright blue tempra paint, Masking tape, Paper Directions: Have the kids make bright blue sharks.Starfish added 3-28-99, original Author Unknown, need: Blue paper, glue, and cornmeal, directions: Draw a starfish on blue paper.It will change as it dries.”