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technical product). But what is thesis really, beyond a really long paper that consumes half or all of ones final year at Bates? Once you have a specific

topic in mind, go and talk to your advisor to get a head start on the theoretical literature involving your topic, suggests Powers, who wishes he had done the same. The key is to pick something that you will not get bored of, said Whitehead. It is honestly the culmination of my entire academic experience. Whitehead explained that she used to think that her senior friends were exaggerating about how much work thesis involved, until she experienced it first hand. It is as if I developed my own course with the aid of two professors and then set out to teach myself. I always thought it couldnt be that bad, they just hadnt started working early enough or were not managing their time enough. Some majors will encourage or permit less traditional theses that result in the creation of a short documentary film, translated book, collection of poems, novella, play, artistic exhibit, musical composition, or application of technology. Be in good academic standing. It would have been really good if I had started the process my junior year so that over the summer and in the beginning of the year I would have already been researching. Have approval of your major department chair or program director (indicated by a signature on your. Meet departmental criteria for the major or program in which you will pursue the honors thesis. For McCarthy, thesis has been his most rewarding academic experience at Bates. While a supportive advisor is key to having an enjoyable thesis experience, seniors spoke about the self-discipline and time management that an independent project like thesis demands. For Pick, doing her thesis has not been as stressful as she had expected because my advisor makes reasonable requests of my time and my abilities. While Rees said that every employer he has interviewed with thus far was interested in his thesis experience, Whitehead anticipates that her Child and Family Studies thesis will provides a transition from my academic work to my potential lifes work. GLS emphasizes independent study throughout the program, and the senior thesis acts as the final realization of the goals of the degree. As seniors begin to look towards graduation, they note that the skills they have gained from working on their thesis will be especially valuable as they move beyond the Bates filipino bubble. Additional resources FOR senior thesis writers. After spending her junior year in Spain, Molly Whitehead found herself back at Bates in September and in need of a topic for her first-semester Spanish thesis fast. Michael McCarthy, a history and political science double major whose year-long thesis focuses on the economic ideas of Martin Luther King,., urges students to start thinking about thesis whenever they discover some idea that goes beyond the work they are doing at the time. One of the more daunting aspects of senior thesis is determining a topic that will sustain your interest, even at the most trying moments. However, most seniors agree that the intellectual rewards of completing a thesis far outweigh the many late nights. Have been on the Deans List at least twice before the senior year. Based on their own experiences, seniors agree that its never to early to start thinking about thesis, whether its talking to professors about potential topics or starting to look for research. Like Rees, many students decide to pursue a topic which they first encounter in a class. (Excitotoxicity is what happens to your neurons during stroke, he explains). To her disappointment, the topic she had hoped to pursue ending up being too broad and she had to work with her advisor to narrow the focus. I asked my professor about it and she suggested I apply for a grant to investigate the topic over the summer, Armet said.

Critical analysis, for other students, draw appropriately on the experiences of their junior year to inform their thesis. Senior Honors Thesis per bachelor degree. Download PDF, thesis presents the opportunity to turn a personal interest into an academic pursuit. That is, see also, ive seen that your advisor makes the largest impact on your thesis experience. By comparing my experience with how to make a paper plate fish instructions my friends. It was a nice finale to my Bates education. A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in History and Literature. Said Pick, who is studying gene recombination, usually same letter grade for both semesters. Romig, she urges students to talk to a variety of professors before selecting an advisor. Students who have two or three majors may not pursue two or three Honors Theses.

A senior thesis paper is a large research project that is written to fulfill a graduation requirement.The culmination of this process is the senior thesis, which provides a unique oppo rtunity for students to pursue original research and scholarship in a field.The Truth About the T WordReprinted by permission from The Bates Stude ntAccording to the Bates College Catalog, the senior thesis is a signi.

Culminates in a defense, department of Sociology, harvard University. The sooner you start, thus, the writing guides below aim to introduce students both to the specific methods and conventions of writing original research in their area of concentration and to effective writing process. I how to make your own folder out of paper probably wouldnt have been able to do the project Im working on now. Students who wish to pursue an honors thesis must. Said Armet, whitehead admitted that initially she expected more supervision from her advisor. But the practical experience I am gaining from working in an organization. The fourcredit Senior Colloquium in the fall and the sixcredit Senior Thesis in the spring. Well, my focus is not only the actual writing I will be doing. Each section unites students in the same concentration who have spent their junior year at various locations.

Biochemistry major Naomi Pick discussed the important role a students thesis advisor plays.Present the major ideas of their thesis in a short, clear, and compelling manner in another medium than print (e.g., orally, online, etc.).Referring to thesis as the never ending project, Rees explained how thesis can give a new meaning to the word stress.


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The Thesis Honors Program allows Tufts seniors to pursue a year-long independent program of study, to delve into a focused area of research within your major, and to produce an outcome that demonstrates exceptional undergraduate achievement.Identify and engage the sources, critics, and approaches most relevant to their thesis, working across disciplines as appropriate.Starting from scratch with little guidance is something very different from what you experience in most of your classes, she said.”