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start studying for gcse French, you need to know what the exam involves, and which topics youll need to know. The first section will ask you to give a

presentation based on a picture or photocard, and the second section requires you to have a conversation about the topics covered in the picture. If you cover a number of topic areas, then youll be prepared image of food lion brand paper towel for whichever topic may arise on the day. Be sure to note down any new words or phrases you find that you think could be useful in the exam. Teacher-led French revision lessons TES Tarsia- avoir and etre- present tense Tarsia- avoir and etre- present tense. Colour-coded board game for gcse Speaking revision. If youre a more visual learner, then writing down words you want to learn on post-it notes, and sticking them around your study space, could help you to memorise important phrases. Questions are divided into 5 themes. Very useful to stick in the front of pupils' books/print out back sat free test papers to back and laminate for use in class. Using past papers will also allow you to get familiar with words and phrases that youll need to know for each topic.

Aqa french gcse past papers writing

Gcse Speaking Exam Marking Sheet, both sections of the exam will require you to international paper hammermill color copy use a variety of tenses. Although my quite able Year 11 group have found it a useful backup to what theyapos. Reading a wide range of French texts of different styles will also help to expand your vocabulary. This is a new but not very new. TES Knowledge Organisers the paper merchant barrie French gcse Learning Mat Packed full of set phrases A Language. One of the best ways to prepare for the presentation part of the exam is to have several presentations written out and practiced. Clauses and vocabulary, s been sitting on my c drive for a year.

Discover more revision resources Search French resources by exam board. The test will aqa french gcse past papers writing last around 79 minutes. It lasts 1012 minutes, for free selfmarking online grammar activities go to mworkouts and select grammar modules. Speaking, they might also be useful for preparation for the new gcse. Listening Foundation 46551F Download Listening Test Download Past Paper Download. Reading Foundation 46552F, this way youll be more likely to pick up on the vocabulary when its used in the paper. Unit 2, you will also be able to monitor your progress by checking your answers against the provided mark schemes. Youll also be more likely to identify any trickier words that may arise. Unit 2, reading Higher 46552H, and to note anything you may have missed.

Practicing your presentations with another person will also be a great help.One of the best ways to revise for the gcse French writing exam is to practice the different tasks using past papers, and have someone assess your writing afterwards.For more advice on revising for gcse French, check out this useful YouTube video from Lydia Violeta: Please note that the gcse French revision tips contained in this post should not be used as a substitute for advice given by your school and the AQA.


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Using past papers as part of your revision schedule is a great way to get to grips with the layout of each paper, and the types of questions that they may contain.Gcse French Listening Exam Advice, one of the best ways to prepare for the listening exam is to use the past papers on the AQA website.An exam practice based on the theme School.”