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nanoparticulate metal oxides. However, when skillfully produced and formulated as nanoparticles, these substances can easily be mixed even with cold water, and their bioavailability in the human body also

increases. This trade name stands for a nanoparticulate surface coating which, as it dries, forms nanostructures very similar to those found on the surface of a lotus leaf. Nanotechnology is a truly versatile technology both from the scientific viewpoint and because of its myriad possible applications - in chemistry and beyond. Products, we offer products of high and consistent quality that make our customers more successful. Mincor is a typical example of how basf, with the aid of its subsidiary basf Future Business GmbH founded in 2001, is rapidly creating new business opportunities based on satisfying market needs outside existing business areas. Polymer dispersions are found in exterior paints, coatings and adhesives or are used in the finishing of paper, textiles and leather. Open to new impulses for innovations through cooperative ventures. The world of economy and finance is also placing high hopes in its innovative potential. Many vitamins and their precursors, such as carotinoids, are insoluble in water. The greater specific surface area and the high porosity of these "nanocubes" allow ultra them to take up comparatively large amounts of hydrogen. Browse by manufactuer3M MarsonAuto TechAxalta Aviation CoatingsAxalta Coatings (Core)Axalta Marine Coatingsbasf Glasuritbasf Limcobasf R-M Products (Core)CMA Specialty berglass EvercoatFinishMaster Private LabelFive Star ProductsGlobal Products (PPG)Grow ChemicalHerkules EquipmentHot Hues (Axalta)House Of KolorICI Products (PPG)Kleen-StripKrylon PaintLord CorpNason Products (Axalta)NortonOmni Products (PPG)P S SalesPeter Kwasny asti-KotePPG Products (Core)Pro-Striple. Spies Products (Axalta)Standox Products (Axalta)Sun Group (Valspar)Talsol (3M)TranstarU-polurethane Supply CompanyUS Chem - Morton Paint CompanyUS Chemical. In around 1,100 cooperations basf works together with leading universities, institutes, high-tech startups and partners in industry to find new solutions to problems. Phone:, fax:, reprinted with premission. As a crosslinking component they make the coating more flexible and at the same time more scratch-resistant. For example, basf is researching into cube-shaped nanostructures consisting of three-dimensionally linked biometallic networks that are capable of storing hydrogen. Ecovio is a high-quality and versatile bioplastic of basf. Plastic bags with color that wears off will soon be a thing of the past. "Hyperbranched" polymers are a particularly interesting class of products with widely differing areas of application.

Basf paper coating

For example, the European distribution organization of basf. Basf is investigating processes for generating is writing conference paper tough nanostructures which also provide improved or novel properties. Note, firstly, to color coatings, furthermore, examples include nanoparticles or thin layers.

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A great future plus for tiny particles. In the cosmetics sector, the key factor is the size of the catalyst surface area. Basf Aktiengesellschaft 67056 Ludwigshafen, improved products, contact. Germany, our European expert network of highly experienced technicians enables us to support customers in product development.

These hyperbranched polymers also enhance the properties of high-quality polyurethane coatings for the automotive industry.One example of a direct investment by basf Venture Capital GmbH is its involvement in Oxonica Ltd.


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A development of basf Future Business GmbH is now ready for the market: mincor is currently being launched for applications in the textile, automotive and construction industries.The majority of these sales are generated with established products like the examples mentioned above.Basf's annual sales of nanotechnology based products currently amount to around 2 billion.”