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wizard named Semaj. Escher -esque Pocket Dimension in which he's hidden a child Observer from season 1, who he hopes can help the fringe team defeat the invading Observers. Marl has an excuse in that he lost his son, Thalantyr is tired of people that want power without knowledge, and Gurke's excuse is that he's a dwarf, his cloak got stolen, and people are making fun sound of him for losing it in Cloakwood. Bears Are Bad News : Bears are one of the least fearsome enemies that can be encountered regularly, though for low level parties this only applies to Black and Brown bears. She mentions their names, and they're the same as the two guys who tried to kill you. Not Me This Time : The Zhentarim are blamed for the Sword Coast's woes early on in the game, but aren't responsible for any. In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition a suit of Elven Chain Mail (allows spell casting and has an AC of 5) can be acquired, which means a bard doesn't really have to choose between spell casting and melee bashing anymore. The status of a closed request will be available for six months following the date of closure. Spoony Bard : Many players find the recruitable NPC bards somewhat lacking Eldoth in particular might be the spooniest bard since the original himself. The spell "Rope Trick" created an extra-dimensional space that you could crawl up to (and into) using a rope. Joke Character : A few borderline examples.

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Adventure WG6 Isle of the Ape had a moderate sized "non-dimensional" space in which PCs could be trapped if they weren't careful.Until a well-meaning Twilight blindly undoes said ritual, thus invoking Gone Horribly Right in the form of releasing said heroes and evil).That's a double check.”