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need to remove a few letters, try using a razor blade or sandpaper to gently remove the ink from the surface. If you like to use pens that are

prone to bleeding through to the other side and this annoys you, try presentation paper its thicker than normal copy paper. Tops Engineering Computation Pad, 8-1/2" x 11 Glue Top, 5 x 5 Graph Rule on Back, Green Tint Paper, 3-Hole Punched, out of school youth term paper 100 Sheets (35500) by, tops, only 1 left in stock - order soon. You can also choose from free samples. Dip a cotton swab into the lemon juice. Some brands to try are HP, Epson and Hammermill. My printer requires smaller size paper to be loaded in a different tray and I would always forget to change the page size in my printer menu before printing. Find a blank paper that matches your original paper, and cut out a section large enough to cover the mistake. Related: Free printable planner insert (for to do lists, grocery lists, weekly routine tasks etc.). Applying masking tape or covering it with paper will keep you from accidentally erasing ink you meant to leave alone. If none of the above methods are practical for your spilled ink, you might try camouflaging your error by adding elements to your artwork, such as background or color.

Best paper for rubbing

Often known by the brand names" Related, often white in color, or" i can verify that the paper best paper for rubbing is true engineering paper. Related, if you arenapos, liquid Pape" correction fluid. And the baking soda will simply fall off the page. Find a discreet section of your book and test your ink removal method on it before applying to larger area. How to Choose a Printer Including the best printer for printing printables and planner stickers.

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Not black, use correction fluid to cover up the ink. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. In its packaging, and will be identified as apos. S possible to erase ink using a vinyl eraser. This listing for engineering paper is news misleading.

This eraser is very rough and can easily rub away the paper itself along with the ink you're erasing.A really sharp blade would be best, but scrape very lightly so you don't damage the paper.


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Its a bit pricey but the paper is so smooth it definitely makes it easier to practice lettering on and now I dont need to worry about ruining another brush pen!If you're trying to remove ink from the pages of a book, remember that ink removal method you use may result in damage to the page.If you have used lemon juice to erase it, then just light a candle and place the paper on the top.”