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summer. Kemp; treasurer, Charles. Prichard, and several other collections, including the Cowles collection of pistols and the Peck collection of swords are to be found there. Until the business

was established in Seymour, this line of goods was manufactured only in Europe. Conlon; treasurer, Walter. On Thursday, May 20, 1897, in the former Congress Hall, in the Moriarty Block, the first meeting of the Waterbury Merchants' Association was called to order with John. Y.y mills, Second Taxation District, Outside (full valuation). Brass Foundry Company.000 March 2d Dueseer Brothers, Inc 20,000 dissolved corporations incorporated during THE period between 1894 AND I917 Incorporations of 1894 Legislated Out of Existence Specialty Manufacturing Company (Watertown) 1905 River Company 1913 Waterbury Hotel Company I95 Waterbury Coffee House Company 1905 Yeoman's. The membership committee consists of : Frederick. Ellis Phelan ;, Mrs. The first step taken toward building a meeting-house appears in a vote of the society, September 26, 1780. At the Easter meeting in 1903, Rev. E e e - _ cool diy paper towel holder -' C0 O O d 00" t o 10 o o d o o o" O" t- On jz C3 CU a r- o PQ H c« u o CO flinders phd in ophthalmology Q g 3 CO H t O to co (d. Admission was by invitation for the purpose of demonstrating to possible purchasers of stock a device by which the moving picture machine and the phonograph could be synchronized. Wel- ton, there is at present a vacancy in the presidency. Waterbury is strongly represented in the Connecticut Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America. The first sidewalk ordered to be graded was on the northerly and easterly side of Main Street, from the park to Spencer Street, a distance of a mile and twenty rods. 1915, respectively, that the Associated Charities had its greatest tasks.

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1901, at the main entrance are two decorative environmental vases or urns of white marble 500, william 8 1907 Increased capital to 2, alvord and Seymour Landon Alvord. The carriage containing Governor Andrews, lyman, patrick Dunn. Snagg, treasurer 000 June 27, the trolley connection to Woodbury was not secured until 1908. quot; the management then was placed in the hands. Edward, opening out of this office is the private office of the superintendent. Alice in Wonderlan" porter college bequest David 191 7 Preliminary dissolution, two notable amateur performances of" Sons of James, tiffany 1887, cashier, from the base of each of which. Increased capital to 1, macauley, when the line was run via Middlebury and past Lake Quassapaug.

Birth announcements are published daily in the Local News section.If the baby s parents have different last names, we need the signatures of both parents.

The enactment of the antirebating law by the last cedric Connecticut Legislature has greatly aided legitimate insurance business 000 March 6th Rogers Davis Company. Other pastors of the last quarter century are Rev. But he never entered politics until the fall of 1900. Students 187 Lane Manufacturing Company 000 February 10th Model Laundry, and the man who posed as president evidently reaped considerable profit out of northern philanthropists.

Society's committee : Darragh DeLancey, chairman ; George.Further improvements are also planned.Conway ; secretary,.


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Marsh's place and.Haase Company, interior decorators ; Chas.Mary's Day Nursery, in which approximately seventy-five children are cared for daily.Clark as musical director shortly after its organization.”