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international mobility, the building of sustainable networks, and the cross-national exchange in the training of promising early-stage researchers. Doctoral researchers can apply for the bigsss Adjunct PhD Program from

the beginning of their dissertation projects at Bremen. Postdoc Program Admissions, we currently have no open calls for our Postdoc Program. Bigsss Methods Center (bigsss @ both universities). The best time to visit bigsss @ Jacobs University is during the semester times September-December and February-May. Bigsss postdocs conduct research projects which fit into one of bigsss three Thematic Fields: Global Governance and Regional Integration, welfare State, Inequality, and Quality of Life. The best time to visit bigsss @ University of Bremen is during the semester times October-January departs and March-June. Eligibility and Application, doctoral candidates who work in the Bremen Social Sciences and have a bigsss faculty member as supervisor are eligible for applying as bigsss adjunct fellow. There are no fixed application deadlines, but applications should be sent at least three months in advance of the proposed visit. Preliminary dissertation proposal (optional, free text - PDF). However, the PhD thesis may be written in English or German. University of Bremen and, jacobs University. Bigsss offers an Adjunct PhD Program to doctoral candidates who are supervised by bigsss Faculty members and work in the Bremen Social Sciences. Bigsss postdoc positions are paid in line with TV-L E13, start on September 1st, and may be taken up for a period up to 24 months. During the course of the program, adjunct fellows complete several mandatory PhD Milestones (please see box below for details). Phil will be seen as equivalent to the proposal defense (see PhD Milestones below). The aim of the bigsss Postdoc Program is for our postdocs to produce a significant scientific output (e.g.

Furthermore, bigsss encourages research stays of epson xp-310 paper type a minimum of 2 months for up to 6 months. Bigsss offers a postdoctoral program in the vivid environment of an interdisciplinary graduate school with a strong international research network. State of Research, write a grant proposal, applicants will be informed about their application within two weeks after submission.

Bigsss - departs is a 42-month structured, phD program which provides close supervision of dissertation work accompanied by a demand-tailored doctoral curriculum.Bigsss-departs is one of our full-time PhD programs in which fellows commit.Bigsss - departs is an international program, with English as teaching and working language.

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Visiting doctoral and postdoctoral researchers alike profit from dimensions for ledger paper the graduate schools ties to a number of outstanding social science research institutes. Please follow the link in the box below. Bigsssdeparts is an international program, please check the grey box on the left desktop version or below mobile version. With English as teaching and working language. Adjunct fellows asign their doctoral research projects to one of bigsssapos. They are encouraged to participate in the doctoral colloquium of their Thematic Field as well as in Demand Tailored Methods Theory and Soft Skill rock paper books us Training Courses. PaymentReimbursement procedure, the following terms and conditions apply. Their doctoral research projects should be related to one of bigsssapos.


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Please be aware that all visiting fellows need to present a proof of an international health insurance that covers the entire time of their stay in Germany.Please note that this is just an overview of the application materials you will need.Opportunities are granted in accordance with the capacity of the school to host Visiting fellows.Workspace and Infrastructure, all visiting researchers receive an office space, IT infrastructure, and library access at bigsss.”