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at the bottom of your butterfly hand puppet. Take a second piece of contact paper, peel off the backing, and place it sticky side down on top of the

butterfly. Spring is officially here and that means I can get giddy about creating pretty butterfly and insect crafts. Dont cut the individual legs. Butterfly Paper Hand Puppet Craft Template. I just did a quick Google search to find a butterfly shape that I could use as a template. For some additional fun, draw colorful flowers at the bottom of your paper so it looks like your butterflies are out for a snack. The easiest way to do it is to cut the rectangle with all the legs. Click here for more photos and instructions on how to care for live female butterflies in your home or in the lab. And it helps building tracing, cutting, and pattern skills. Since tissue paper is pretty cheap butterfly and can be used for so many types of arts crafts, I tried black to think of projects that they would love and we could use tissue paper. If you do have a live female butterfly, it is important to feed her by placing her on a paper towel saturated with honey water; 1 part honey to 10 parts water. . Now decorate one of the outside wings with your markers. (You only need to decorate one side because the other side will be glued to the paper and wont be visible.). this post contains affiliate links although this one is not the first in the series we share on our website (have you seen this ladybug paper hand puppet yet?) when we were planning these bug friends the butterfly was the first one. This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Fold the butterfly wings in half along the dashed line in the middle. Rest assured, your info will never be shared with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time. Its a simple and colorful spring craft that kids of all ages will love. Trace the butterfly body on a sheet of brown construction paper (gray or black will do too, well any color really).

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This will create the stained glass frame. Trace the butterfly template onto a piece of black construction paper dsaa 2018 accepted papers and cut it out. Ladybug Paper Hand Puppet, related Posts, we added three paper butterflies to our paper but you can choose however many you would like. Elephant Paper Bag Puppet, by entering your email address above you agree to be added to my weekly newsletter list.

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Our hand bug puppets series continues with this lovely butterfly paper hand puppet. Shark Paper Hand Puppet 21041shares, trace the rectangle on the brown construction paper. We have a printable template turabian available for this craft as well. Enter your email again to gain access to the template. Mothers Day is right around the corner.

How to make a stained glass butterfly.The bright wing patterns "advertise" these unpalatable qualities, in much the same way that the bands of yellow and black of wasps advertise the fact that they can sting.


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Lets make a butterfly puppet!Trace the wings on paper.This one is my personal favorite from the series (although others are pretty cool too) as its wings flap magnificently as you move your butterfly puppet up and down in the air (I really, really love the sound the paper wings make).Our Privacy Policy, you might also like.”