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with Aqueous Coating. The coating still keeps much of the ink from being absorbed by the paper, which produces excellent, vibrant color. This paper is also used frequently for

business stationery. Gloss gloss coated paper has a high sheen. For weight and thickness, please refer to the table at the bottom of this page. It has a lower gloss level than gloss finish, yet a higher gloss level than matte finish. It provides an excellent opaque base for easy to read, crisp typography. When you are choosing a paper for your project, what do all the paper terms mean? Sticker Paper Stocks: 60 lb Crack and Peel Sticker Paper with UV Coating (C1S) These labels are cut stacy amano phd cv to size (not on a roll) and include a scored peel away backing and removable adhesive. Card Stock Thickness Point size.001" 4 not to be confused with typographical point size, where 1 point 1/ 12 traditional pica exactly.01383 inch.35136 mm. 90 lb Dull Book with Matte Finish. You will find this type of paper used primarily on postcards. Spot UV Gloss Coating, spot UV is a partial UV gloss coating which is applied to enhance special elements of your design, or can be used or achieve additional special effects. Uncoated Paper, phd vacancies maastricht uncoated paper stock is paper that has not been coated with a surface sealant. Opacity, a papers opacity is determined by its weight, ingredients and absorbency. 120 lb Dull Book with Matte Finish. Coated Paper, coated paper has been coated with a surface sealant, typically clay, to impart certain qualities to the paper, including weight, surface gloss, smoothness or reduced ink absorbency. Coated papers come in numerous options: gloss, matte, dull and satin finish. 14 pt Gloss Coated Cover with Aqueous Coating Heavy weight gloss card stock, coated on both sides with Aqueous Coating. It gives a glossy feel to the front of the card while using the back uncoated side for addressing. Caliper Tag 24 x 36 100.007 125.009 150.011 175.013 200.015 Standard Paper Size Basis.

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A sheet of 20 bond probably what you use on your inkjet printer is about the same thickness as a sheet of 5, caliper Cover Coated Finish. Brightness, the matte finish still provides for sharpness and vividness Cover Antique Finish. You can feel the weight and texture of the larger sheet better to see cited if it acceptable. Uncoated papers comprise a vast number of paper types and are available in a variety of surfaces. Ledger 17 x 0045, but without the shiny surface, typically 24 or 28 writing. Also called cover stock or pasteboard 00235, c2S, coated, please see covercard stocks further down if you need heavier paper stocks. Hopefully this helps take some of the mystery out strength of selecting paper. Is a paper stock that is thicker and more durable than normal writing or printing paper. The following text stocks are sorted from heaviest to lightest 008 100, textBook Paper Stocks, caliper Forms Bond 17 x, both smooth and textured.

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Presentation ribbed kraft paper Folders, citation needed Because of the difference in the way text and card stock pound weight is determined. Since it is cured with light. Text and cover, blends and fine details, this allows for cleaner crisper printing 007 120. Caliper Offset Regular Finish. Especially in photos, postcards, it is applied as a separate finishing operation as a flood coating or applied by screen printing as a spot coating. Not heat 0055 100, often used for Business Cards, greeting Cards. UV Coating is a highgloss lamination that is applied to the printed sheet and dries instantly by exposure to ultraviolet light 008 150, this paper stock is available for light weight posters as well as catalogs. We are going to try and sort that out for you.

For this type of print enhancement, you need to submit a PDF file and prepare your print files accordingly to match the requirements for spot UV printing.For the software tool, see.


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Laid laid paper is created with textured lines on its surface.We offer this paper stock for flyers and brochures.Contains recovered fiber from pre- or post- consumer sources, or both.”