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on your dust mask and mix up your concrete according to the instructions on the bag. Use warm soapy water to remove any remaining adhesive. Add your mosaic

pieces to the contact paper with the desired design facing down. When the transfer has dried, you will notice small patches of white paper fibers still clinging on to the ink in some spots. Remove and discard the backing paper, flip the image over and saturate the paper with water. Also, line the inside rim of your cake pan with Vaseline for easy releasing. Put a small amount of the oil on a paper towel and slowly rub in a circular pattern until the adhesive is removed. Run your thumbnail over the edges to smooth down. It will be the consistency of porridge when its ready. Avoid attempting to dry the surface with a towel any fabric will leave tiny fibers coating the surface. The remaining design should now be etched into the glass. Jars, drinking glasses and other curved surfaces will be trickier. Just get your maids together on a Saturday afternoon and have a stepping stone party. Keep the design very simple; use stencil books or webpage designs for inspiration. Youll probably want a variety of sizes, as shown here. Clear Contact Paper Transfers onto Glass who knew it would be so easy? Stick the sheet onto the vase or jar, carefully placing the geometric hole in the central position. Go slowly, as this needs to be well defined. 6 Affix the design in the center of the geometric shape's hole on the jar or vase. The glass must be covered well, so that it won't lift and spoil the design. Then carefully cut out this shape from the plastic using a sharp craft knife. Meantime, cut a square piece of chicken wire or wire mesh to fit inside the stepping stone. You writing a paper on a paper with sources know your printer/ink best: if your ink is waterproof, then go for it! Allow the glass to dry. 6 Get ready to sandblast. Don your rubber gloves and spoon some concrete into your cake pan. (I set mine in the shed.) When its ready, turn it over and tap on the back of the cake pan. You can adhere these transfers onto any non-porous surface : mirrors, windows, canisters, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure its adhesive is strong, so that it won't peel off when being sandblasted.

I stumbled on a new and easier way to make mosaic stepping stones. Things Youapos 7, round nonstick cake pan You could also use a heartshaped pan. Note, natural History previous Blue Jay, then I varnished it with marine varnish 5 Put on safety equipment, use a cheap one so that you can practice. By placing the shelf liner adhesive side up onto a smooth ceramic tile. I took a wet sponge and cleaned the entire area after removing the contact paper. Download the source images by clicking on the image names that follow.

M: glass contact paper.Amazon Try Prime All.Frosted glass with this self adhesive decorative contact paper, easy.

Contact paper broken glass

Here 2 Cut ctrw muere paper the sheet of amazon aardvark white paper straws adhesive plastic large enough to cover the vase or jar. Our graphic has become a full color transparent decal. This is the back of my design.

Its Heather from Thicketworks with a fun method to transfer color images to glass.Glass dust can cause serious damage to the eyes and lungs if you are unprotected.


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4 Draw a pattern design smaller than than the cut-out shape.7 Spread the etching cream onto the bare glass portion of the design.This post may contain affiliate links which wont change your price but will share some commission, you can find our privacy policy here.”