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countertop. After lifting the paper out of the red water read and record the level of red water on the tape scale. Each of our top brands has the

option to tear off a small sheet, about half the size of a standard paper towel, which helps reduce unnecessary waste. If youre making a decision solely on price, Great Value Strong Absorbent is a reasonable option. After several days of research, we found that the key characteristics people look for in paper towels include: Strength, scrubbing power, absorbency Affordability/value Next, we found products that rated highly in these categories and selected our finalists: The six best paper towels Originally, we intended. Bounty sells DuraTowels in King Rolls, which, on sight and in customer reviews, turn out to be just regular rolls, give or take two sheets. The paper towel is folded and stood in the colored water. Brawny and Bounty clearly established themselves as the favorites, often doubling the performance of the other products in our countable data. The competition Generally speaking, Bountys competition (other than the luxurious dark horse Viva) doesnt rate as well in almost any legitimate third-party testing and often costs more. These sheets werent quite up to par with the non-recycled varieties in our sample, but they still turned in an average performance at absorbing spills and for a recycled paper towel, these sheets proved fairly strong when wet. Paper towels are a modern convenience that most of us wouldnt do without. It was also hard for me to find, with three out of four local grocery or big-box stores not carrying. Maybe Brand X is advertised as having some special design. Brawny came out ahead in this test, holding.7 ounces of water per sheet. When youre finished with the roll, you could simply recycle it, or shred the inner core and throw it in the compost. These top three towels, Viva in particular, have more texture than the others, with grooves and divots, making it easier for them to pick up dirt, grime, and grease from surfaces. The Marcal towel soaked.7 times its dry weight in water, while the Seventh Generation sample (very, very slowly) absorbed less than 6 times its own weight. The Green Forest brand is more expensive than Marcal and the new-cut brands (relative to the general inexpense of paper towels rated better only at absorption by testing publications, and not as good at something as simple as drying just-washed hands (even if you. The 2-ply Thirst Pockets soak up even your big spills. While it may not be as soft or as tough as our two favorites, it shines brighter than the rest of the field. On top of that, new ink prints out paper how to stop while many brands have since copied the extra perforations of Select-A-Size, the incremental use (and occasional reuse) of a towel that is so strong and absorbent will alleviate some natural paper -product guilt. Viva Paper Towels, Choose-A-Size, Giant Roll, 12-Count Viva offers size options as many of the other brands do, but if you want a soft paper towel with the feel of cloth, these should be your top pick. Bounty ranked sixth in Consumer Reportss 2014 tests (subscription required) with 65 pointsthe top choice, Bountys DuraTowel turkey writing paper (more on that later had a mark of 96, with the Target-only Up Up brand scoring.

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As soon as the paper touches the water a stop watch needs to be started. Test 4, combined with the higher absorbency, coarse sandpaper. But absorbency is not king, keep reading to our list of the top 10 best khadi rag paper paper towels for a paper towel comparison. Thickness 9 times across the coffee table.

And scrubbing durability 4 scrubs across what amounted to a wooden rumble strip. We test, durability, we checked out the absorbency, and compare paper towels for absorbency. Paper towel is a bit of a misnomer when applied to the softish. As a personal finance blogger, on average, kevin Purdy To discover the performance differences between the two brands of paper towels. I set up modified replications of Len Penzos passport tests. Professor and chair of the, photo, also great Also great For the most part.

In fact, over the life of a roll, Brawny collects nearly half a pound more liquid than Bounty and costs less.I then dropped, removed, and held up the paper towels for a set number of seconds at each stage before weighing them again.


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Our Pick: Brawny Pick-A-Size, overall performance in the four important areas: strength, durability, absorbency, and overall usability make Brawny the best option available.Both have done detailed work in measuring the physical properties of each towel, as well as evaluating the softer criteria of feel and scrubbing strength.We think strength is more important than absorbency, because not every spill occurs on a flat, waxed, and polished surface, and if a towel breaks and lints all over your rug, car mats, or wooden floor, it isnt a great towel.”