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legislation, perhaps the most effective policy would be that which targets both paper and plastic single-use bags, like. Doing some quick math on the most recent numbers available

about Chicagos waste stream, this means that a mere.1.3 of waste from City residents who live in one-to-four unit buildings is being recycled. Glass, flattened cardboard, paper and plastic bottles are among the items that can be recycled. Each industry can point to something good about their product and something bad about the other. Our hope is that it crosses language barriers because we have visual images of what can and cant be recycled. Not sure if something should go into the trash or recycling? The patchwork system of Chicagos recycling collection limits our ability to calculate an accurate recycling rate for the city, and this is a function of the citys limited access to and provision of recycling data. . To understand why, lets wrangle in the three main categories of impact in answering the once-inescapable checkout question, Paper or plastic? Paper, newspaper, Cardboard, Office paper, Junk mail, Phone books, Magazines, and Chipboard. The upshot of plastic bag restrictions is that they could decrease the amount of plastic litter that clogs our waterways and landfills, and even make a little dent in our dependence on fossil fuel (at least the portion used to make plastic ). Cartons: milk cartons, juice cartons and aseptic containers. She approached the design of the website from the most important point of viewthe consumers. Creating a visually driven website was key for consumers and the city. Paper: flattened cardboard, office paper, file folders, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, junk mail, telephone books, etc. But theres another angle to consider. Take it to one of the citys 24 Christmas tree recycling centers. See links below to this information. If you need to buy a bag, opt for durable recycled plastic options over cotton, unless you plan to reuse the cotton bags hundreds of times. The real news that this story unveilsstraight from Department of Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charles Williamsis that only about 10 to 12 percent of what is picked up from the blue carts is being recycled. 2, on May 2, 2008, the Chicago SunTimes reported that Chicago is giving up on the program. Like why arent potato chip bags recyclable?

Paper chicago towels and tissues 303, recycling google Map of Chicago Residential Dropoff Centers. America runs on trucksand often, what can be recycled, resources for buildings with 5 or more units. Someones gotta actually make the thing first.

Bag yard trimmings in a paper or plastic bag.That means no plastic bags.Learn more about, chicago 's rules for.

Chicago recycling paper bags

Plastic or polyethylene content, plastic containers, paper manufacturing is a highly energyintensive process. The whole reason for the website is we want to make recycling easy. We get into a lot of the financials behind. Dont throw it out, when the holiday 2nd grade words their way homework season is over and your tree is looking less merry and bright. By 2011 there will be a shift to curbside recycling in blue carts. October 9, depending on decisions of the local council.

Surprisingly, he recommends choosing bags made with plastic over cotton, because cotton has an enormous environmental footprint of water, energy, and fertilizer and pesticide use.What cant be recycled?


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But converting hard wood into paper requires a resource-heavy pulping process, which the UKs Environment Agency determined in its life cycle analysis (LCA) to be significantly worse than plastic in terms of its impact on human health and eco-toxicity (thats LCA speak for stress.Most people dont know, but there are five items that can be recycled, through the citys blue cart program, Martinez said. .To determine which myths were most widespread in Chicago, Bugh and her team asked the city of Chicago which items were the biggest contaminants, what were the most expensive mistakes people made when recycling and what were the most frequent mistakes made by residents.Besides, it allowed me to figure out how to use the Google Maps API.”