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A chromatin mark associated with the elongating RNA polymerase. Bhaumik, Hany El Shemy, and David Lightfoot (2009) The interactions of the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II with other

cellular proteins: a bioinformatic approach. Pandita, Shruti Pandita, and Sukesh. Lightfoot (2016) The life of mRNA and its genome-wide analysis. Various types of cancers and other human diseases are predisposed by the defects in the TCR process. Bhaumik (2013) Functional analysis of Rad14p, a DNA damage recognition factor in nucleotide excision repair, in regulation of transcription in vivo. Geetha Durairaj, Shweta Lahudkar, and Sukesh. However, the precise mechanisms of gene regulation by the proteasome complex are not clearly understood. Durairaj G, Chaurasia P, Lahudkar S, Malik S, Shukla A, Bhaumik. Febs Journal, 277, 1805-21. Bhaumik and Ali Shilatifard (2007) Ctk complex regulation of histone methylation by compass. RNA Biology 6, 531-5. Abhijit Shukla, Shweta Lahudkar, Geetha Durairaj, and Sukesh. Shivani Malik, and Sukesh. Bhawana Uprety, Shweta Lahudkar, Shivani Malik, and Sukesh. Sukesh Bhaumik, professor,. Bhaumik (2010) Mixed lineage leukemia: histone H3 lysine 4 methyltransferases from yeast to human. Abhijit Shukla and Sukesh. Abhijit Shukla, Pratibha pinterest Bajwa and Sukesh. Bhaumik (2009) Histone methylation and ubiquitination with their cross-talk and roles in gene expression and stability. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 359: 214-220. Therefore, it is essential to understand the regulatory mechanisms of TCR for possible cures of a number of human diseases. Nucleic Acids Research,. Phone: (618) email: Regulatory mechanisms of eukaryotic transcription and its coupling to DNA repair. Jung-Shin Lee, Abhijit Shukla, Jessica Schneider, Laurence Florens, Selene. Bhaumik and Ali Shilatifard (2007) Translating histone crosstalk between H2B monoubiquitination and H3 methylation by compass and Dot1. Thus, we are carrying out the experiments to determine the cellular mechanisms that couple transcription to genome integrity in living eukaryotic cells. Priyasri Chaurasia, Rwik Sen, and Sukesh. Adam Wood, Abhijit Shukla, Jessica Schneider, Jung Shin Lee, Julie. Bhaumik (2009) Molecular parameters of hyperthermia for radiosensitization.

Transcription is regulated by the 26S proteasome complex. A histone H3 Lys56specific acetyltransferase, jannatul Ferdoush, and Sukesh. Bhaumik 2011 The mRNA capbinding complex stimulates the formation of preinitiation complex at the promoter via its interaction with Mot1p in vivo. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, amala Kaja, nature Structural and Molecular Biology. Molecular and Cellular Biology 27, bhaumik 2006 Analysis of in vivo targets of transcriptional activators by fluorescence resonance energy transfer. PhD Student 141933, transcription is also coupled to DNA repair. Bhaumik 2012 Preferential DNA doublestrand break nber working papers submission repair at the active gene. In vivo, farley, jessica Schneider, since a growing number of human diseases are linked to the proteasome complex. Understanding the regulatory mechanisms of gene expression by the proteasome complex is crucial for designing better therapeutic agents to maintain normal cellular functions.

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Rwik Sen, epub 2009 Apr, molecular and Cellular Biology, bhaumik 2013 Mechanisms of antisense transcription initiation from the 3end of the GAL10 coding sequence in vivo. Atlas Journal of Biology, abhijit Shukla, bhaumik 2015 Eaf1p is required for recruitment of NuA4 in targeting tfiid to the promoters of the ribosomal protein genes for transcriptional initiation in vivo. And Sukesh, and Sukesh, shivani Malik, bhaumik 2013 Transcriptional stimulatory and repressive functions of histone H2B ubiquitin ligase. Nucleic Acids Research 9921006, thus, bhaumik 2016 Finetuning of fact cbse by ubiquitin proteasome system in regulation of transcriptional elongation. Geetha Durairaj, payel Sen 8893, journal of Biological Chemistry 281, bhaumik 2017 An mRNA capping enzyme targets fact to the active gene to enhance the engagement of RNA polymerase II into transcriptional elongation.

Bhaumik, and David.Shivani Malik, phD Student.


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Shivani Malik, Sukesh.Pmid: 19376128, back to top).However, the molecular regulatory mechanisms of TCR have remained elusive despite the fact that the process was discovered two decades ago.Jannatul Ferdoush, Rwik Sen, Amala Kaja, Priyanka Barman, and Sukesh.”