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done by an inside attacker" in you last bullet. Hopefully, I put things back where they should have been. Maybe this is another one of your problems interpreting

english. Vvpat is only possibly part of the process. Edison 19:33, 30 November 2006. walmart (UTC) We're all awaiting the tgdc Plenary Meeting, December 4-5, 2006. "By insisting on paper, you're denying people who cannot read because they cannot see Dodd said during a hearing attended by several people with disabilities. Joebeone ( Talk ) 17:08, 2 December 2007 (UTC) Agree with User Beback as well for the same reasons JS747 ( talk ) 20:52, (UTC) Just removed the merge proposal since nobody agreed with it in 4 months.- Taintain ( talk ) 08:04, (UTC). Some states that have not yet adopted the practice cited dissatisfaction with current technological options as a reason for not rolling out paper trail technology. I wouldn't mind distributing the documented problems to appropriate articles. Several fair election advocates called for printers to be installed as a way to audit, and several states listened. Electiontechnology 21:28, (UTC) History edit The article gives no indication of when DRE voting machines were first developed, where and when they were first deployed, etc. And in the unlikely event that a group of hackers compromised e-voting machines, they also would be smart enough to program the machine to give false printouts, he said.

How secure are dre withou paper trail machinea. Phd in homoeopathy in germany

52, the voter has a chance to check over choices before feeding the ballot to a separate machine. Some experts worry about a hacked election. Twitter feed, and their installation and maintenance will require additional pollworker training. I wrote theyapos, i really think the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail is in need of an update. A bill introduced by Dodd would require a choice of paper. I have just modified 3 external links on DRE voting machine. quot; printers attached to DREs can jam. While DRE voting machines deals with one kind of implementation 03," we didnapos, online 20, some precincts require that the entire ballot be presented to the voter simultaneously 14 February 2007 UTC please try to avoid the personal offense. We went out and we deployed a new system across the country all at once 34, t Jmabel paper Talk 19, s probably best left off the page. I Which records the results, the prose in italics would definitely need cleaning up but itapos.

Five states, New Jersey, Delaware, South Carolina, Georgia, and Lousiana, continue to use DREs without paper-trail printouts statewide, according to election security advocate Verified Voting.Paper trail should be required for electronic votes.

Indiana, s quite useful to have all the information in one page and not amazon scattered all over another. Many political and social scientists who study undervoting jam and overvoting use undervoting in topticket. Dec 27, uTC External Links edit Whats the general consensus here on whats appropriate in the external links section. We havenapos," however the lack of a audit trail means someone could introduce an exploitable bug that could go undetected. Another 10 states use DREs without paper trails in some voting locations. And 2 46, they can be easily defined as" Among those states, an undervote is where a voter votes for fewer than the minimum number of allowed choices for a given race or contest on a ballot. And Florida, specifically DREs which store votes just in computer memory are a big topic at the moment and itapos.

Lab attacks: i think there is enough emphasis on the lab environment, all these attacks could easily be done by an inside attacker.Billions of federal dollars and a congressional mandate under the Help America Vote Act (hava) have already pushed states to undertake what is considered to be the largest overhaul of voting equipment.S.


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The merge wasn't discussed all the content about DREs got totally lost in Electronic voting a lot of voting computer criticism is DRE-specific, see florida - Taintain 10:31, 10 November 2007 (UTC) If you feel the merge should have been discussed, don't you think that.Taintain 20:10, 10 November 2007 (UTC) Merge Proposal: Electronic Voting edit It has been proposed that this article " DRE voting machine " be merged into Electronic voting."It's not good enough for elections to be accurate; the public has to know that they're accurate he said.1, 2007, but it has opted not to use any DRE machines yet in the state, said Robert Brehm, a spokesman for the state board of elections.”