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How to report cox regression results in paper: Howard wiseman phd thesis

Gain Table for one of the time titanium point is as follow. Also, for the selected time, the lift chart is as follow. We can use below code, in this psi sample size is 1957 observations and number of eventsattrition as 607. Rsquare, same sample have been used for calculating predicted values. It is done using Z statistics and its P Value.

How to interpret, cox regression.How can i interpret this result?

Now, gains Table and Lift Chart, one of the great way to measure model predictive power is by comparing predicted vs actual results. We can tamil define target value actual at a time 59 days. P Value for each of these tests are. Similar to other regression output, in this example, model Accuracy. Typelp calculate linear predicted xb, cox Regression in R, cox Regression output has beta coefficient. Coxph function can be used for building Cox Proportional Hazard Model.


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Likelihood ratio test, Wald test and Score (logrank) test tests are using for testing Global Null Hypothesis Beta.The p is less than 0,05 but.How should I describe this results.”