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be identical except for the way the toe points. Community Q A Search Add New Question Question What is Santa's address? Question How do I make origami stockings? Did

this article help you? Cut out the pattern. Create a striped Christmas stocking by cutting out strips of colored paper and gluing them across the length of the stocking. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Christmas stocking template on A4 or Letter size paper. An old sweater, kraft paper, poster board, or cardstock paper. Line up the other side of the stocking and press them together to adhere them to each other. 3 Make a pattern. Sew the ribbon onto the corner on the inside of the back of the stocking. Safety Tips, small materials like buttons, beads, or pompoms are choking hazards. Glue the two stockings together around the edges (make sure you don't put any glue along the top opening). Use crayons, markers, glitter, craft foam, or whatever else you have to embellish your paper stocking and make it yours. Apply glue along the edges of the stocking except on the top edge. 5, sew the fabric together. Line up the two stocking pieces with the outsides facing each other, and pin them in place. You are raw classic papers hemp can use modular origami techniques. 7 Flip the stocking around. Making a paper stocking is a fun craft thats easy to do with a few supplies from the craft store. Pins, needle and thread or yarn, fabric scissors. Prepare a sheet of construction paper that is at least twice the width of the stocking pattern or your stocking's intended size. Weave yarn in and out of the holes. You will want to use a long stitch to sew them together. To sew a homemade Christmas stocking you will need a few supplies from your local craft or fabric store. Make sure not to sew the top of the stocking together so your stocking will be able to be filled with treats! 3 Cable knit sweaters look great as stockings. Place the patterns on the sweater where you want to cut. 4, cut a rectangle of white felt.

Site members have access to a banneradfree version of the site. Circles and put them together like I did. Use the stocking pattern to cut 2 stocking shapes out of the fabric you have. Question Can I use a plastic grocery graph paper for economics bag. You can freehand draw the stocking shape. Try to get the holes to be lined up with each other. As a bonus, or you can find a pattern online and print it out to trace. And make sure you have a clear table to work. Make sure you keep the printed side out and glue the two non printed sides together. Cut out two copies of this stocking.

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Upload error Awesome picture 2006, source, attach a ribbon or a thin piece of felt to hang your stocking. Great tips, click here to share your story. Children can slip in Christmas greeting cards or handmade Christmas gifts into each otherapos. Righ" martha Stewart Living Newsletter, s folded edge, s straight edge along the construction paperapos. Pick a design you like, pompoms or large paper cut outs.


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Carefully hand sew the ribbon in a loop on the side of the top of the stocking to create a hanger.Make sure the two stocking shapes are exactly the same.Line up the two stocking pieces together with the "right" side of the fabric touching each other.”