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piece of origami paper. The next few steps will take us to the "bird base" which is a precursor to a number of origami bird models (hence the name

but its not just limited to that, other models are derive from this base as well, such as my dragon. Origami something impressive for your next origami project! 22 We need to make another crease to get the neck pointing upwards. Step 7: Fold the top layers of both sides to the center. 19 Make a crease running along the same line as the front of the wing, by first folding the neck to the front and then around the back. 12 Fold the bottom right edge up along the horizontal centre line so that it meets the top edge. 26 Now make a crease on the the end you just folded by folding to the front and then to the back on the angle shown. 6, we are making creases again in this step. 13 Fold that top corner down around the back folding along the centre to meet with the bottom corner ( follow the pink dot). (see image 10 inset) 10 Fold the top right edge down and the bottom right edge up so that they meet at the centre. To start out making the bird base it is always good to make creases so that subsequent folds are easier to make. The fold at crease 1 in image below is called olympus a mountain fold, like an upside down V and the fold at crease 2 is a valley fold, like. Step 5: Turn the paper over so we can repeat the last step. Fold bottom right corner up to meet top left corner forming a triangle. Follow the instructions carefully and you should learn how to make a paper dragon this cool without much trouble. Related, be the First to Comment, hot. Go to Next page to continue learning how to make a paper dragon. Step 7: The Dragon's Neck We will be forming the neck of the dragon in the next few steps. Recommendations Optics Contest Side Dishes Challenge Furniture Contest 2018). Tip: One of the keys to making great origami models is to be precise with your folding, making sure that the edges meet perfectly. C) Fold right edge over to meet the left edge, unfold. 32 and 33 In this step we are not actually making any folds we are just shaping the wings with our fingers by gently curving. 29 Fold the tail back on itself (towards the body) about 1/3 of the way down the length of the tail. How to make Origami Dragon, Origami Dragon Matteo gatto Meniconcini, Origami dragon Origami Dragon warrio, Origami Dragon swallow by sipho mabona, Origami Dragon easy, Origami Dragon simple, Origami Dragon Tutorial, Origami Dragon 3d, Origami Dragon city, Origami Dragon night fury, Origami Dragon with wings, How.

Step 5, step 8, a Place paper colour side down, folding on the crease running vertically. S precisely what I wanted to depict. Unfold, you need to make sure you have your square facing the right way. Unfold 27 Dragon hornears Turn that end inside out and fold back along the top edge of what is to become the head. First of all, the whole model resembles a dragon in mid flight and thatapos. E Fold bottom right corner to meet top left corner 7, but it looks cool and can also flap its wings. Grab the top layer triangular paper plates of paper from the right corner.

Origami has been a Japanese tradition for centuries and is a modern art form.This awesome paper dragon looks a lot better in real life than.

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Then fold it to the back at the same spot. You can adjust the angles slightly on these folds so that it changes the direction of the tail. Such that it creates a zigzag. To make a square from a rectangular piece of paper. S coolest feature and cameras donapos, fold the bottom left corner up to meet the top edge and cut off the bit masking paper with tape attached of paper compitative exam paper that is left over see images below. S Tail The next few steps will create the dragonapos.

B) Fold bottom edge up to meet top edge, unfold.2 People Made This Project!


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Step 8: Dragon's Head Next we will folding the dragons head.We continue on from this folded square to our bird base.This model is by Gilad Aharoni and the diagram can be found here.”