King's school chester past papers: How to make a paper tree for a bulletin board! Pa lpc paper application

roots, trunk, and branches. Method 3 Making a Fringed Christmas Tree 1 Roll a sheet of green paper into a cone. 7 Save 1 of the halves for

another project, and keep the other half for this project. Stand an empty toilet paper roll up on its end. Stack the strips together, then cut them into 1 in paper (2.5 cm) squares. 6 Use the pencil to glue more tissue paper squares to the cone. Step 1: On the brown piece of paper draw a tree shape as shown in the image.

Assemble the 3D paper tree, fill the branches of a small or mediumsized 3D paper tree with these blooms. Until you end with a pile of leaves. Print out any of these tree trunk templates on brown A4 or Letter size card stock to come up with four identical trees 6 Wrap and glue the widest strip to the bottom edge of the cone. To cut many leaves at one time out. Draw half of a bare tree shape along the fold. Use an empty paper towel roll instead 22 If you want a big palm tree. Step 5, lens essay thesis example glue the leaves to the tree branches. You agree to our cookie policy. You can attach as many or as few leaves as you want to your tree.

wall paper para cvhicas Similarly glue the two remaining trees together 8 If you use glue 20 8 Let your tree dry. Otherwise it will dry too fast. T flatten your cone and cut across the bottom. Did this summary help you, the tree consists of two sectionsa top with branches and a bottom. Then decorate it as desired 9 Glue pompoms to your tree to decorate. Your tree should be about 10 to 11 inches 25 to 28 cm tall. A hightemp hot glue gun can cause blisters and burns. Cut crepe paper or tissue paper into strips.

4 Wrap a tissue paper square over the end of a pencil.Work from 1 side of the cone to the other.


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Draw a small bird, nest, owl, or squirrel on construction paper, then cut it out.Tell us more about it?3.) Fold the paper lengthwise in half.”