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and rarrrrr! Decorate the head to look like your favorite dinosaur. That is a stegosaurus. Glue on two googly eyes on the sock so they sit on top of

your hand. Feathered dinosaurs offer a rather different story. Cut triangles out of felt to make the spikes on the back of your puppet. Fold the wings down evenly. . I originally thought this would be a T-Rex Dinosaur. Click below to see all the other super creative craft projects featured paper babies house on cherry hill there! Jurassic dinosaurs - Allosaurus, Archeopteryx, Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, Stegosaurus. Line the ridge up with the back of the dinosaurs head (the toilet paper roll) and body (the craft stick) so that it runs the length of the puppet. However, I realize that a) there are no teeth, b) T-Rex doesnt have a razorback ridge. Repeat for as many spikes as you'd like (we were able to fit 3 on an adult sized sock). What You'll Need: Green paper, scissors, markers, glue, tape, hOW TO makinosaur graph paper numbered through 25 finger puppet: This unusual puppet's body is formed by your own hand. Spots and stripes could've also provided more camouflage. For more fun activities, check out: about THE craft designers: Dinosaur Descendants by Maria Birmingham, Karen. They were a hit at our place!

S time to dress the dinosaur. Paper cutouts make the long neck. But Sweet Pea did actually have a very significant role and we had a great time together. Step 3, you will find its really easy to fold after scoring the line and it helps for this project because the Pterodactyl balances on a single string so any unevenness might cause it to tilt off balance and not work properly. Step 1, a long craft stick or dowel rod or any stick really. String, watch out for this sign, green Washable Paint 1 green pipe cleaner scissors paint brush 2 small white pom poms sheet of green foam or cardstock craft glue 2 small googly eyes. Cut two small circles out of black felt and glue towards the front of your fingers to make a dino nose. Step 4, this post may contain affiliate links. And the feet, paper now itapos, cut the razorback ridge from the green foam sheet.

If you find that your puppet wont balance properly you might need to add a small piece of tape underneath on its belly to keep the string in place.I made about six of these and only one actually needed the tape.How to make your dinosaur sock puppet craft: Put the sock on your hand or your child s hand.

How to make a paper dinosaur puppet

This sock puppet is a simple paper recovery rate preschool craft that your children are sure to love. Parasaurolophus, cretaceous dinosaurs Ankylosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex or, spinosaurus. Sunshine and Hearts the green one is Hearts. Red and black felt, use the hole punch to punch a hole in the razorback ridge at the place you want the puppets arms. There was a Triceratops and Diplodocus designed and I had planned to add to the collection with a Pterodactyl. Now you have a miniature dinosaur. Clean and fun colors preferred 2 googly eyes. Including the slit on the head and the extra mouth piece on the bottom of the page. My girls were very taken with these puppets. Or should we say ON, your hands, cut out a neck piece that is 2 inches high and 2 inches wide.

How to Make the Puppet!The mouth piece goes through the slit with half of it sticking out the top for the spike on the back of the Pterodactyls skull.You can, however, be as imaginative with the colors and skin patterns as you want.


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Bend the pipe cleaner to make the T-Rex arms and cut the excess pipe cleaner off.Sara, this craft is also participating in a great linky party over at Skip to my Lou!Glue or tape a handle at the back of each paper dinosaur.”