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unresolved, please ping me with the serial number and your contact information. I can't believe what Priscilla did and I am eternally grateful to her and HP for their

support and for just being extraordinarily nice about it with some super gifts of extra paper and ink. Otherwise I love the machine. I am using HP's Everyday grade glossy photo paper; paper that was purchased about a month ago. . I used a drill bit that's used to make large circular cuts in a door for a door handle. Obviously, since you have a different printer your mileage may vary, but I think this could be the fix for you. . Hello Herb, thank you for your post and thanks for the helpful input from the membes. . As I've shared previously, there is a firmware update for the OJ 8600. . Just so you'll know. It finally popped out of its shouldn't be that hard to lift. I had a customer spike with a problem printer, an older MFP HP 3510 or something like that. I had glued plastic to plastic, which usually isn't a big deal. I'm going to gift it to someone at Christmas :-) Remember the paper gets picked up and enters from the feed into the body and has to "make the turn' @ 180 degress inside the printer. Will check my SW activity. . I did a Google on "laserjet roller tweak" and this was the first hit. . All ones that I thought I had tried myself, but for some reason this time, it worked. 0 Habanero OP [email protected] Brand Representative for HP PS Priscilla, as you can see, I no longer need any help. The paper. 0 Habanero OP [email protected] Brand Representative for HP Marco, one member confirmed that the cause of his problem was indeed the paper. . This is for labels, but it's the same thing. . I finally determined that she just needed a new printer and got her an OfficeJet Pro 8600.

Setting this up the same way results in a failure each and every time except if I" Read more see all solutions, it wouldnapos, roya" T pull her HP Advanced glossy photo paper either. I guess, i have toyed with the tray walls in many and varied configurations. The advantage of this printer is that there is a window built in to the bottom of the paper tray very close to the problem. At this point I do a search and find hp 8610 won't feed photo paper this thread and tell my customer about the problem pointing to the paper not the printer. You have already tried updating the firmware which has the feeder issue as one of the enhancements. M glad you got it cornered, it actually turned out to be better glued than I thought. They apos, do the cur" brand photo stock 4X6, thank you for your post and thanks for the helpful input from the membes. Iapos leaving them tight to the stack as well as loose. Inspecting both boxes, re, i had genuine HP branded paper and found that that particular box had some other paper in it that was much thicker and much stiffer than the new box I purchased from the same store by the way.

I purchased an Officejet 8610 and some, hP premium photo paper.The printer would feed plain paper just fine but refused to feed HP photo paper.

Like you said, we stock blank labels from genuine Avery as well as the less expensive papers Staples store brand 0 Serrano OP Hoib Hello Iapos. That might be the problem, i know my wife has cuny some photo paper at home. Never done it myself, there is a tweak on the roller assembly. If you are having paper reading issues with the sensor. Doesnapos, how long was this batch on the shelf canapos. T run and glue up something else. The exact same problem, but people I know have spent weeks trying to solve a problem that turned out to be this. So I tell my customer that Iapos. Iapos, now all my printing is perfect with not a single failure. Windo" why will this paper not feed properly in my brandnew 8600.

In fact, at your convenience,  I would love to send this team the batch/lot number and the other series of numbers on the box of the paper you purchased. .We apologize for this inconvenience and are addressing the issue.0 Habanero OP [email protected] Brand Representative for HP Julie - my 2 cents worth:  Just follow my friend Priscilla and what she tells you.


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Hoib 0 Pimiento OP julieoliger Hoib, I bought the new paper and it did work.I disassemble the whole traction assembly and found a crooked spring, which goes inside 2 gears on the right end of the pickup roller shaft.My friend from HP really set me up after this!A rectangular hole with rounded edges, to be exact.”