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fitting into an oblong bar that turns the head as she walks. Clean off the area inside as well. Bubble Pack pop the bubbles on large or small

bubble pack by pinching with thumb and index finger or by pushing down on bubbles when sheet is placed on a hard surface. A human hair wig should be treated the same a your own hair. This will stop any more spread of the green. You can hold in your cupped hands, form fingers into a spider then bend and straighten fingers. Antique dolls have a cork or cardboard pate in the crown backing paper for printing area of the head. When mildew is found on clothing or fabric, more care is required. Do not wipe with a completely dry cloth, since doing so can generate a eletrostatic charge that attracts most dust and dirt. In response to that I am now selling on my web page vintage fabric wash/soak. They can be washed, even with soap, but should be rinsed thoroughly; and after they are dry, they should be powdered with baby powder. Find out if the original wig is salvageable by taking it to a knowledgeable antique doll collector before replacing it with a new wig. If you have a wax doll and it is dirty, clean with turpentine. The heart was a hit and even weeks later people are still asking about. It is a slow-acting sodium perborate, a mild oxidizing agent. It is recommended that you monitor the cleaning reaction, remembering the fabric always lightens in the final drying. Many heirlooms over 50 years old look "dirty" because they develop brownish or rust spots.

Hand holding paper dolls

As it will work better, use a glue that is wahable in water. Lights and dark as if separating regular laundry loads. Or scraps of leather are available at most leather shops. You may have a need to make another body the same size sometime and the old body may be too worn to make a pattern from. Some stains from ballpoint pens can be removed by sponging the area with milk until bigsss the stain disappears. You can reuse the same cotton one or two times. Rinse and wipe off paste, linen is weakened though not yellowed.

Making paper doll chains, june 9, 2006.This one is an old favourite but sometimes its nice to be reminded of the obvious.

aqua Some marks on a porcelain dolls face can sometimes be removed by rubbing with a damp cloth and a dab of toothpaste. When working with plaster and you want to slow down the hardening. Replacing or restoring the eye mechanisms in doll is not an easy task and if done by a professional. Is expensive, and if the doll is laid on its back. Another way to" itapos, grab a cotton ball and a pair of tweezers. To relpace or tighten the head of a walking doll. Cut half way into the patch and put the patch around the wire. S advisable to wash out the starch in the garment because it will yellow the fabric with time. Rather than the small punchers that require a strong paper pinch to operate. This is only one vintage Barbie green ear treatment.

Balance in a pan of white sand. Squeeze to open and shake out the contents, then feed the Hungry Guy by slipping in the "food".There just is not much that can be done to repair the rubber dolls except to exchange parts.


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The first step is to scrape off as much of the adhesive as you can, using a dull, straight edge, like a butter knife.Walking dolls that are too worn - or those parts cannot be replaced - can be restrung like any doll.Usually the next wig size larger is needed.”