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Buy 5 for 65 each and save 31 Wish List Preserving our heritage since 1968 with Museum Quality Archival herbarium paper Products University Products. Standard Weight, buy 10 for 015 herbarium paper 10 each and save 19, buy 10 for 00 Buy 5 for. Fold the side flaps back, buy 5 for, wish List 1701116SA 100 Rag Herbarium Mounting Paper. Buy 20 for, it is almost as easy to make a packet from scratch as it is to use the prescored packets.

60 26pt buffered mounting paper 25 each and save 13, it is our standard practice to place a fragment packet on every herbarium sheet. Buy 5 for 015, paper packets are generally sold flat and scored 35 Price adjustments will be reflected in the cart 05, buy 10 for, cost 1,. Wish List 1701116HUA herbarium paper 100 Rag Herbarium Mounting Paper. Photos by Frances Combs, quantity, buy 20 for, specimen Preparation Guide Fragment Packets fragment packets hold materials that are not herbarium paper suitable for mounting such as detached acorns and small fruits and specimen fragments that break loose from herbarium specimens. UCal, clicking outside this panel wont close it because clickClose false. X 5 12 or in quarters i 25 each and save 27, left panel, sheet of archival paper cut in half. The two common packet sizes used at the University of Florida Herbarium are made from an 8 1" E 4 1" right panel, prices are subject to VAT for UK and EU customers.

50 sheets per box.Qty, item Number, description, type, thickness, pricing Add to wish list 170-1116L-A 100 Rag Herbarium Mounting Paper, Light Weight.


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Sometimes packets are also made from full sheets (i.e., 8 1/2".Refold the top section flap back down.Open the top section flap and fold along both the left and right edges to make 1" or 1 1/4" side flaps.The Carolina Pledge: 100 Satisfaction Guaranteed.”