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a simple and cost-effective way to upgrade the bathrooms in your home. Hold the bracket up in the position you outlined in pencil. Many of these tank holders hold

a roll that's in use and store an extra one. Take the plunge and drill holes using a drill bit on the marks. Then, poke the tip of the marker through the screw hole to make a mark on the wall behind the bracket. Drywall is not sturdy it turns the area you drilled into powder, causing the screws to lose their grip without the aid of anchors. Remember that slow and steady wins machine the race tile, ceramic, and glass are delicate materials so proceed with caution. Insert anchors and nails into the holes to mount the paper holder. 2, drill holes that are slightly smaller than the included screws. MDF doesn't have the best screw-holding strength, but TP holders are very light so it shouldn't be an issue. Then determine the spacing for the other two holes on the other side. Before you drill, check to make sure that youre holding the drill perfectly straight both horizontally (left to right) and vertically (up and down). Use a level to make sure both sides are even. 4, remove the bracket, and youre ready to drill. They aren't secured to the floor so you can move them around, if necessary. Drill 4 holes straight into the bathroom wall, directly over each mark you made with the felt-tipped marker. Use a cabinet or rear bathroom wall for your toilet paper. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay #10006, part 1 Aligning the Toilet Paper Holder on the Wall 1, choose the installation point. To select the correct drill bit size, pick up one of the 4 screws included with the toilet paper holder, and compare it with small drill bits. 2, measure the holders location with the included template. Its better to be safe than sorry. They look like small plastic cones, and can be found in the hardware stores Drywall section.

Install toilet paper holder on cabinet

If you dont have a template for the toilet paper holderfor example. The toilet paper holder packaging should include a paper template which cabinet will help you figure where to attach the 2 brackets on your wall. The RTA Store offers a huge selection of ready to assemble bathroom vanities and bathroom hardware for the DIY and budget savvy set. Standalone toilet paper holders often have a sturdy. Base that secures a pole topped with the toilet paper holder. StandAlone Holder, these should correspond with the holes youve just drilled. Putting your bathroom hardware directly onto your bathroom vanities may have you feeling doubtful. If youre relocating an already installed toilet paper holderyoull need to use a ruler to measure the screw locations before moving the holder.

It shouldn t be a problem.MDF doesn t have the best screw-holding strength, but.TP holders are very light so it shouldn t be an issue.

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Replicating the measurements will ensure that the holder fits properly on the new wall. Drill each hole so that its slightly less deep than the screw. Community earch Add New Question Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered 2, installing A Toilet Paper Holder, if youre installing the toilet paper holder on drywall and cant attach it. But you should also take into consideration your personal preferences. Make vertical marks for the length 6, then, to hang your towels, the average height of the paper holder from the bottom of the floor should be between 2830 inches. And mla use a level to create horizontal marks over the vertical marks.

Press each roller holder down into place, 1 on each bracket.Look at the base of each roller holder: it should be marked with an up-arrow (or other visual indicator) to show which side goes.The toilet may have a cabinet on one side and a bathtub on the other, without a wall on either side; larger bathrooms could have the toilet sitting by itself away from side walls or cabinets.


Install, a Toilet Paper Holder, and Towel Bar The Right Way

10 Your toilet paper holder is now installed and ready for use.If your bathtub is directly beside the toilet, mount your toilet paper on the other side to keep it from getting wet from splashing water.Part 3 Attaching the Toilet Paper Holder to the Wall 1, screw the brackets onto the wall.”