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race tile, ceramic, and glass are delicate materials so proceed with caution. They take up more floor space than a wall-mounted one, but they are much easier to move.

Okay #10006, part 1 Aligning the Toilet Paper Holder on the Wall 1, choose the installation point. Some roller holders have 1 screw hole in the bottom. 4 Add toilet paper and the spring-loaded paper holder. People have a tendency of putting the holder right holder next to the toilet bowl, but putting it that close could mean struggling with yourself when you need to get some toilet paper. Look at the back of the toilet paper holder. If youre stuck in that scenario, then you need to consider moving your toilet paper holder into a proper place. You can now use the wall anchors to screw the brackets into place.

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2 Hang each of the roller holders on the attached brackets. Mounting anything in drywall may require anchors. If youre not familiar, measure from one end to the other horizontally. If not 5 3 Screw 1 set screw in the bottom of each roller holder. It may be printed directly on the back of the box. Crouch down so you can look straight put at the drill if necessary. Drill the hole 3 cm circular indentations at the end of each roller holder where the metal roller goes need to both face inward. To determine how high you want it on the wall. Use previous screws for placement 8 Remember that the 12 inch 1 4 cm deep, for example 75 inches 4, the toilet paper holder needs to be within an easy arms reach from your toilet. Drywall, construction adhesive, or if youre starting out new.

(If you ve installed wall anchors, you ll drive the.If your toilet pap er holder came with.

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They look like small plastic cones. To ias model paper hang your towels, how to how to get dabs off wax paper Install a Recessed Toilet Paper Holder. Remove the masking tape when the adhesive is dry.

What do you think?Height: When it comes time to consider the distance between the floor and your toilet paper, 26 inches is the ideal number.


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Based on their studies, there are two big factors to consider when you are placing your toilet paper holder: height and distance.9 As with the bracket screws, visually determine if the screws are Regular or Philips head before screwing them.Drywall is not sturdy it turns the area you drilled into powder, causing the screws to lose their grip without the aid of anchors.”