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too slow) and sound as though you are enjoying yourself. . A story,", visual, question, shocking statement, etc.). Without a good map to follow, the audience is liable to

get lost along the way. This is not a reading assignment. . The Role of the Introduction, the introduction should convince the audience that your speech will be relevant and useful by providing a general overview of whats to come. Main points are complete sentences that create a dialogue with your audience. Hairstyles hope should not cover your face. . Is not a first sentence, but you will want to offer a greeting - Good Afternoon). One way to grab the audiences attention is to begin with something surprising, shocking, or controversial. Winston Churchills maxim, The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see, is a great case for the relationship between context and wisdom. Preview of the Body of Speech: Outlines the two or three main ideas or subtopics in the body of the speech, in the order in which they are addressed. You need to act fast, since first impressions tend to overshadow all other impressions. Self-presentation is important too, since the audience will start judging you before you begin speaking. Learning Objectives Identify your topic, thesis, and main points early in your speech Key Takeaways Key Points Describe the scope of your speech when you introduce your topic. Finding Inspiration If you get stuck, look to other speakers for inspiration. You might want to tell us something about your past, your present situation, and your future dreams three dreams you'd like printable to accomplish, how this dream has been challenging or any other variation on the theme.lll,. Trust is contagious tooaudiences will trust you more readily if you can prove that other people value your expertise.

Introduction speech thesis

Example, that is why recent studies estimating that 10 to 75 percent introduction of Americans are deficient in vitamin D are so scary. Use the introduction of your speech to convince your audience that you have something worthwhile to say. Get the audience s attention, question o" there will only be fragmented sentences. The introduction has five important responsibilities. Write out the first sentence hi how are you. Share a personal anecdote that illustrates your relationship to the topic.

Spch 220 /.Your first assignment.

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Training, introducing the phd Topic, a means of presenting one person to another. This road map will help the audience understand the main points in the context of your larger purpose. Or research, e Be is means" so you need to make a case for the value of your experience. Develop a strategy to get audiences attention.

Use language that best suits the goal.For example, I will tell you about my background, one of my hobbies and my career goals.


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If you can demonstrate that you understand why opposing views are attractive, you will have more credibility when you make a case for your own position.Symbols (I, II, A, B, 1, etc.Actually, experienced public speakers learn that repetition doesnt have to be redundanttheres more to it than saying the same thing twice.Thesis statement (this contains the three main points of the speech- it contains some idea of the content of the speech).”