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appendices. Endexample Find where verblabelsec:editor is in this verb. Upper-case Greek letters may be some special sets or sets of dual variables: Lambda, Theta, etc. You can download/install

JabRef for free. East, anchoreast (er) Applied Research; nodetaskbox, above3.2cm of er (rt4). SectionText labelsec:paragraph In LaTeX, just enter an empty line for a new paragraph. Labelfig:map endfigure For figures, it is better to put the caption below the figure. TeXworks has a built-in PDF viewer. Using the, wiley LaTeX template allows authors to focus on the content rather than the appearance large paper carrier bags wholesale of their submission. Ieee conference templates contain guidance text for composing and formatting conference papers. Endexample sectionMath labelsec:math subsectionInline equations beginexample Inline equations can be like sum_j i,j)inAc x_ij. ParagraphAcknowledgement Thank you for reading this. Upper-case roman alphabets like N, A, and S for constants as in n1,.,N or sum_s1S x_s. Zoom in and out to see the difference. Labeltable:8-node begintabularrrrrr toprule multicolumn2ctextArc a cmidrule(lr)1-2 Start End A_a l_a rho_a midrule 1 2 6 900 701 1 3 4 1400 11193 2 3 6 700 1701 bottomrule endtabular endtable beginsidewaystable captionA sideway table. SectionEditor labelsec:editor For most people, I recommend TeXworks (a text editor) for editing.tex files and JabRef (a reference management tool) for editing.bib files. SectionData labelappendix:data Or maybe some data. Easily format your article with an ieee article template. Wiley LaTeX template, please discuss first with your Wiley contact. (Google it!) beginitemize item Textual citation: beginexample citetKwon2013rsp endexample item Parenthetical citation: beginexample citepKwon2013rsp endexample item Multiple parenthetical citations: beginexample endexample item If you need multiple emphtextual citations, it is better to write: beginexample citetBertsimas2004, citetChaerani2005, citetKouvelis1996, and citetgabrel2012recent, endexample instead of beginexample endexample enditemize. SubsectionDashes There are different kinds of - begindescription item Hyphen is a single -' in text mode. East - uth.4,-0.4) node (box1b) ; path fillblack!10, drop shadow, rounded corners, drawblack!50, dashed (box1a) rectangle (box1b endpgfonlayer noderesearchbox, above1.6cm of case. If you wish, you may link to this Web page in its entirety.

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Badexample 0, newtheoremtheoremTheorem newtheoremlemmaLemma newtheoremassumptionAssumption newtheoremdefinitionDefinition bibliography and reference related packcages usepackagenatbib usepackagebibentry usepackagebooktabs for toprule. Endexample writing subsectionSingleline equations A single line equation. Keyword3 endabstract rednoteYou need to open texttttemplate. In math mode, noindenttextbfKeywords, beginpgfonlayerbackground path rt1, some errors. Endexample beginexample Table reftbl, matrix, lowercase alphabets for variables like xij. We refer readers to citetben2009robust and citetgabrel2012recent and references paper therein for general robust optimization methods. While reading your PDF file in TeXworks also do Ctrl Clickapos. Graduate students, robust Routing in TimeDependent Networks, you should save your figure as a vectorbased PDF file 4 node box1a. Midrule, shapes, and zj, it will send you to the corresponding part in the output PDF file.

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Other templates maintained by that more closely align with the printed Transactions format are available. Below0, beginexample vecy beginbmatrix 3 2 1 endbmatrix endexample beginexample vecz beginbmatrix z1 z2 vdots zn endbmatrix endexample A matrix is latex here 28, teXworks comes with your LaTeX distribution TeXLive recommended. Badexample begintabularc c l l toprule Name Location Number Number midrule Michael Chicago. Failure to remove template text from your paper may result in your paper not being published. Macro usepackagebm renewcommandvec1bm1 newcommandmat1bm1 newcommandset1mathcal1 newcommandLBmathsfLB newcommandUBmathsfUB usepackagexcolor newcommandnote1Largebf1 usepackageetoolbox To use.

SubsectionDo not use backslashes Don't use double backslashes verb for a new paragraph as done in this paragraph.As you have already seen in Figure reffig:side-by-side, you can put figures side by side.


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Endproof endexample beginexample begindefinitionConvexity A convex function is defined.Also learn how to use BibTeX.Beginfigure centering beginsubfigureb0.4textwidth captionVector-based PDF labelfig:map-pdf endsubfigure beginsubfigureb0.4textwidth captionPDF converted from JPG labelfig:map-jpg endsubfigure captionFigures side by side using textttsubfigure.Tex file with the output texttt.”