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vehicle that changed the logging business, the Lombard Steam Log Hauler. The mill, which never recovered from a boiler explosion in November 2013, filed for bankruptcy protection in late September. Last week, Verso said it is considering restructuring, which could include filing for bankruptcy or selling its mill in Jay. Email newsletter Choices daily Headlines and Evening Express, breaking News. August 1968: Standard Packaging transfers ownership to the Premoid Corporation (now Preco which renames the mill Lincoln Pulp Paper. Around 1920, he came out with a smaller gas powered log hauler. I envision it will be a skeleton crew at the time of the sale, Anderson said Friday. The mill employs 250 people at this time. Duane Lugdon, the United Steelworkers district representative, said he spoke with. 30, according to the. The union objected to the deal as an asset sale, which means Gordon Brothers can acquire the mill and its paper machines and equipment, but not the existing agreements or contracts. March 8, 1968: Eastern Fines Lincoln and Brewer mills close unexpectedly when the costs of running the mill outweigh the benefits for the Standard Packaging Corporation. April 8, 2010: According to LP Ts website, Lincoln Paper and Tissue, LLC, is the USA's leading producer of specialty lincoln paper and tissue news and deep dyed tissue products and high bulk printing papers. The Mill Through Time, the mill has manufactured different types of pulp, paper, and tissue over the years. Major Events, Mill Timeline (from Lincoln Historical Society and m august 11, 1882: Lincoln Pulp Paper Company is organized. Only 83 log haulers were made, and the idea was later used to design tanks for the military. Ten rafts were hooked together with one man on each end lincoln paper and tissue news to control them. Firestone was noncommittal but promised upon request to contact. Even so, it was better than working your horses to pull out the logs, because the horses would wear out fast. Alvin Lombard was born in Springfield, Maine in 1856. Bankruptcy code requires that before a contract can be rejected, the (new owner) must first make a proposal to the authorized representative of the employees and confer in good faith in an attempt to reach mutually satisfactory modifications to the collective bargaining agreement, according. There were known to be about 83 Lombard Log Haulers built by 1917. The Bankruptcy Court approved the sale and it was consummated in December 2015. Jones and James.

According to the filing, the first dam bed logs can be spotted when the water is low and the sun overhead. Despite an 11thhour objection by union workers. Firestone, looking down into the river from the bridge on West Broadway. Shingles and short lumber were put on top of the rafts.

2006, august 28, the Wendell Brothers from Portsmouth, new Hampshire sent Ira Fish and 17 other men north to build dams for paper saw mills on Mattanawcook Stream. Eastern Pulp Paper Corp, my ancestor, alvin Lombard. Two paper Maine paper mills have been put up for sale within the past two years the former Great Northern mill in East Millinocket and Versos former mill in Bucksport.


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Although the mills tissue machines were quickly restarted, neither the pulp mill nor paper machines resumed operation.It has changed names and owners numerous times, as well.Bopp III and Lauren.”