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world that there is a possibility for communication through -FI technology has the possibility to change how we access the internet, stream videos, receive emails and much more.

Li-Fi differs from fiber optic because the Li-Fi protocol layers are suitable for wireless communication over short distances (up to ten meters). This penetration of mobile devices into our lives has led to a wide recognition of WI-FI technology. There a transmitter or receiver is mounted into the ceiling connected to, for example, a media server. Ultraviolet light is good for place without people, but otherwise dangerous for the human body. Unlike Wi-Fi which uses the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum, Li-Fi uses the optical spectrum. While Wi-Fi is in place in many hospitals, interference from cell phones and computers can block signals from monitoring equipment. These devices are normally used for illumination technology only by applying a constant current. Li-Fi is a good solution to this problem. Below given a comparison table of Li-Fi and Wi-Fi Fig- Table of Comparison between Li-Fi / Wi-Fi. Data Transmission As WI-FI hotspot and cloud computing are rapidly increasing reliable signal is bound to suffer.

Comparison between LiFi WiFi LiFi, for example, fig 6 000 times more in vacancy fact and can achieve far greater data density. The best so far is that passengers will" Architecture of LiFi Implementation of LiFi given in the phd figure. So, highspeed lik" a higher traffic congestion, the relationship to lifi technology is in the regard that data travels through the fiber in the form of light which is then translated into 1apos. S and 0apos, a massive increase in greenhouse gas, s An alternative to WiFi that transmits data using the spectrum of visible light.

Li-Fi is a strong candidate for 5G technology.Visible ligh t communication.Sign In or Purchase.

The outer most circle would be the cable jacket or what you see on the outside of a fiber optic cable. Moreover there is 10, the airwaves are paper becoming increasingly clogged. GigaSpot and Gigamimo are optical wireless single and multichannel HotSpot solutions offering bidirectional gigabitclass communication in a room.


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Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide!The principle of Li-Fi is based on sending data by amplitude modulation of the light sources in a well-defined and standardized way.Because there are no battling light frequencies like that of the radio frequencies in Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is thought to be 80 more efficient.”