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Carlos La Rota, PhD Comparative analysis of wheat and rice genomes based on DNA sequence. Tanksley Ricardo Lobato Ortiz, PhD Combining marker assisted selection, acylsugar assay and fruit

related data in the creation and testing of a new generation of insect resistant tomato line. McCouch Research Scientist Jason Cavatorta, PhD Intragenic Virus Resistance in Potato. Brutnell Postdoctoral research. Parthiban Thathapalli Prakash, MS, phenotyping and Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping for Salinity Stress Related Traits at the Pre-Emergence Seedling Stage of Rice (Oryza Sativa.). McCouch Postdoctoral research Chun Suk Jung, PhD Identities of the P and D loci in potato (Solanum tubersoum.). Kresovich Academia Cintia Hotta Orsi, PhD Genetic, developmental, and molecular dissection of Sw4.1 - the major QTL underlying the evolution of increased seed size that accompanied the domestication of tomato. Smith Graduate study 2006 Graduates Name Thesis/Dissertation Title AdvisOr Career Jason Cavatorta, MSc Studies of the GSB-1 locus for resistance to gummy stem blight double space part of a paper disease of melon and breeding for powdery mildew resistance in cucurbits. Sorrells, industry - Research 2016 Graduates, name, thesis/Dissertation Title, advisor, career, hyunJung Kim, PhD, genetic Characterization of the. Jahn Industry - Breeder Li Wei Chiu, PhD Transposon insertion at the promoter of a MYB transcription factor resilts in ectopic anthocyanins accumulation in purple cauliflower (Brassica oleracea Lvar. McCouch Postdoctoral Research 2014 Graduates Name Thesis/Dissertation Title Advisor Career John Patrick Hart, PhD Genetics of Resistance to Potyviruses Impacting Snap Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris.) Production in the United States. Kresovich Academia 2007 Graduates Name Thesis/Dissertation Title AdvisOr Career Liza Conrad, PhD Activator/dissociation (Ac/Ds) mutagenesis and regulation in maize. Mutschler Research Sarah Collier, PhD Exploring the Source of Plant NB-LRR Disease Resistance Protein Signaling: Roles of CC and NB Domains in Pathogen Perception and Defense Induction. Mutschler 2003 Graduates Name Thesis/Dissertation Title AdvisOr Career Ayman Ali Diab, PhD Genomic analysis of drought tolerance in wheat and barley. McCouch, postdoctoral, research 2015 Graduates, name Thesis/Dissertation Title Advisor Career Juan David Arbelaez Velez, PhD Exploring and Dissecting the Genetic Basis of AL Tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa.). Coffman Anitha Rajendran, MPS Biofortification of Maize. Sorrells Postdoctoral research Muhamad Yunus, PhD QTL associated with rice seed dormancy, days to heading and pericarp color, and comparative analysis of seed dormancy. Griffiths Postdoctoral Research Nicolas Didier Heslot, PhD Optimal use of Phenotypic Data for Breeding using Genomic Predictions. Jahn Business Michael Gore, PhD Whole-genome patterns of DNA variation in maize. De Jong Industry - Breeder 2008 Graduates Name Thesis/Dissertation Title AdvisOr Career Sokona Dagnoko, PhD Dissecting heterosis in guinea race sorghum: Simultaneous analysis by conventional breeding. Smith Jesse Munkvold, PhD Mapping of phenotypic and gene expression QTL related to preharvest sprouting and seed dormancy in white winter wheat. Sorrells Postdoctoral research Gregory Wilson, MSc (non-thesis). Viands Graduate Study Ize Imai, MS Development of Introgression Lines and Validation of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Conferring Transgressive Variation for Yield in Rice.

Buckler Postdoctoral Research Judson Ward, phD Exploring the Genetic and Physiological Mechanisms of a 1 Tolerance in RiceOryza sativa. Jahn Government research KaiYi Chen, phD, mcCouch. Doyle Academia Sara Johanna Larsson, phD Transcriptome Analysis and Metabolite Profiling for Dissection of Mechanisms of Resistance to Phytophthora Root Rot Phytophthora Rubi in Red Raspberry Rubus Idaeus. Campestris resistance in Brassica oleracea, yield, hybrid Vigor. Buckler Industry Breeder 2012 Graduates Name ThesisDissertation Title Advisor Career Nai Chong Chen. Genomic Prediction and Genome Wide Association Mapping pdf for Disease Resistance in Wheat. PhD Analysis Of Flowering Time, mSc Phenotypic and genotypic investigation of multiple disease resistance in maize. Philomin Juliana, phD Inheritance and analysis of high temperature tolerance in common bean Phaseolus vulgaris. Jahn Postdoctoral research Yongfei Zhang, phD Association of Lycopersicon pennellii introgressions with acylsugar level or deficiencies in horticultural type in acylsugar breeding lines.

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PhD The genetic architecture of quantitative resistance in the cereal. PhD, mSc Comparative genetics of resistance to phytophthora in pepper and strategies to improve marker resources. MPS Analysis of Tomato Fruit Characteristics in Lines and Hybrids with MultipleDisease Resistance. McCouch Postdoctoral research Mande Semon, diane Ran Wang, jahn Postdoctoral research 2005 Graduates Name ThesisDissertation Title olympus AdvisOr Career Flavio Breseghello. Coffman Research Rosalane Kithan, jahn Industry Breeder Megan Sweeny, identification and deployment of high yielding cultivars resistant to tomato yellow leaf curl disease. PhD Responses from phenotypic selection for cell wall components and correlated responses in digestibility in Alfalfa.

Buckler Government - research Kari Perez, PhD Deployment and characterization of recessive resistance gene Pvr1 in the solanaceae.Griffiths Academia 2004 Graduates Name Thesis/Dissertation Title AdvisOr Career Luz Stella Barrero Menses, PhD Genetic and developmental characterization of locule number of loci in tomato with emphasis on the fasciated locus.Sorrells Government - research Molly Cadle-Davidson, PhD Mechanisms of resistance to bean common mosaic virus conferred by the I locus in Phaseolus vulgaris.


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Setter Dhyaneswaran Palanichamy, MPS Stem Rust Resistance Genes in Wheat.Smith Hui Jiang, MSc The evolutionary history of a domestication gene for grain size, GS3, in rice: Fine mapping origin, selection and dissemination of an allele conferring long grain.Kresovich Government - research Carlos Harjes, PhD Advanced back cross analysis of Zea mays x Zea diploperennis: Identification and verification of novel QTL with agronomic importance in hybrid maize.”