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strength to the mask. Then, pop the balloon and remove. Be sure it is big enough to cover your head or face depending on which mask type you chose.

Use the Internet or books on Greek theater inspire ideas of what your mask could look like. Many Greek theater masks also included hair. If you are creating the mask for a specific production, keep your character making greek masks paper mache in mind as you are design the mask. Cut out the eyes and the mouth. 2, if you are making the mask for a particular play, think about your character and the primary emotions they feel during the play. They should lay down around three layers of bandages. String elastic through one of the holes, then tie the elastic to secure. 3, method 2 Constructing Your Mask. With a pencil, make a mark where your eyes and mouth fall. Let it dry completely. Mix together flour and water to make paste. Take a couple strips of newspaper and dip them into the bowl of decoupage glue. You may want to use more than one coat, sanding between coats, to get the best coverage. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. 3, make a mask with plaster bandages. Create a mask from paper plates or card stock. Sand out any unwanted wrinkles or blemishes.

Do this until you have two or three layers of newspaper in roughly the shape of a mask. Sketch out what you want the mask to look like. By using plaster, and look in a mirror or feel the muscle shapes on your face so that you can duplicate the expression on a mask. Let the mask dry completely in the sun. Make a mask from paper mâché. Making a Greek Theatre Mask paper wasp no background Using Papier Mache on a Form.

It s quite easy to make your own, greek theater mask from materials like paper plates, cardstock, paper mâché or plaster.After you finish making and decorating.Greek tragedy masks just using white cardstock.

Making greek masks paper mache

Sad, if you are happy with the way your mask looks. The paste should be thinner than pancake batter but thick enough to master cling to the newspaper strips. Place the strip on the balloon and smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles. Before you start making your mask. Etc, you agree to our cookie policy. Once you have settled on a design. Decide whether you want it to go around the whole head or just on your face. Tips Use the Internet to find designs if you are unsure paper of what you want your mask to look like.

4, before drawing on the eyes and mouth, put the mask up to your face.Use fingers like a squeegee to wipe off excess.Click here to share your story.


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Cut out an oval shape in the material that mimics the shape of your face.Then add more strips in another layer.Tip, remember-Greek masks are supposed to convey emotion, so exaggerate the sculptural elements to make them more dramatic.If you decide to make a Greek mask, you can create this type of emotion by sculpting facial expressions and unique characteristics into the mask.”