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their own lens. Previous experience in these fields will be considered a plus. Pentecostalism and Islam; religious diversity Medical anthropology (HIV/aids, anthropology of biomedicine, transnationalization of health, medicine and

healing Sexuality, kinship and gender (esp. Collaborating with the team in research and publications. The Tasks, conducting ethnographic fieldwork abroad for a period of approximately 12 months in total in two or more of the following countries: Belgium, India and South Africa. Birgitt Röttger-Rössler, full Professor at the Institute nyu of Social and Cultural Anthropology - regionally: South East Asia - thematically: Anthropology Emotions, Cognitive and Psychological Anthropology, Gender, Biography and Memory, Indonesian and Malayan Literatures. Tilo Grätz, privatdozent Social and Cultural Anthropology - thematically: media anthropology, economic anthropology, political and social anthropology, technical anthropology, migration and transnationality, politics of memory - regionally: West Africa (esp. If you have an interesting idea for a doctoral project, please contact one of the following professors who are authorized to supervise doctoral projects. Ingrid Kummels, full professor of Cultural and Social Anthropology at the Institute of Latin American Studies of the FU - thematically: Migration, transnationalism and identity politics; Globalization of religion; Transnational families, couples and friendship networks; Global flows, glocalization and transculturation of music, dance and sport;. one proof of your writing skills (paper, article or thesis) preferably in one of the fields addressed by the project. Individual Doctorate, year the individual doctorate independent research under supervision of a professor is still the most common way to pursue a doctorate in Germany. Martin Voss, full Professor, Head of the FU Disaster Research Unit thematically:Sustainable socio-economic change within a given social-spatial and cultural context; Social science danger, risk, and disaster research; Global environmental change (in particular sustainability, climate change, and governance Vulnerability and resilience research (social and socio-ecological. Focusing on a number of image-based projects in Belgium, India and South Africa that aim to combat social marginalization in the fields of respectively youth, urban poverty and HIV-aids, the study explores the manifold ways in which digital images can actually bring about change. Hansjörg Dilger, full Professor at the Institut of Social and Cultural Anthropology - thematically: Anthropology of religion (esp. Despite their ubiquitous character digital images are, however, conventionally approached as a matter of entertainment detached from the material and social conditions of our lives. The research project will be embedded within the Visual Studies and Media Culture Research Group (ViSMeC). The innovative aspect of this study is that it addresses questions of digital empowerment though a specific attention to images, a language with enormous potential to favour communication across boundaries of language and culture. Digital images have today, in many parts of the world, become ubiquitous. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Guatemala Urban sociology and sociology of space; Security research; Science and technology studies regionally: South East Asia, India, Central America, Alps. The offer A full-time PhD scholarship starting on The appointment is initially for one year, but renewable for three (so four years in total to complete a PhD). For any enquiries, please email. After fieldwork, students return to the University and start writing their dissertation and editing their audiovisual material under the guidance of their supervisors. PhD Programs in Research Clusters or at a Graduate School Pursuing doctoral studies in a doctoral degree program, doctoral candidates come together to work on projects related to a common interdisciplinary research topic. Paolo Favero (visual anthropologist) and. And, more specifically, can digital images help bringing about instances of empowerment among marginalized individuals and groups?

This research project is funded by the Research Foundation Flanders FWO and supervised. North East and East Africa thematically. Students are registered on the PhD programme and. The Team, transregional connections esp, north East, swahil Coast. Indian Ocean Indischer Ozean and Eastr Africa coastal cities. Special brother mfc9340cdw leagle paper professor of Social and Cultural anthropology and ViceDirector of the LeibnizZentrum Mooderner Orient Berlin regionally. Throughout, southern Africa, for information and modes of application please consult the following websites.

Stigmatization, sovereignty, and massage table paper roll the Body, masculinities Transnationalism and migration, paper double barrel shotgun evidence Meliorism. The Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology participates in the following Research Clusters and Graduate Schools which offer formalized PhD course programs. Nutrition Agriculture, space and Landscapes, uncertainy Organisation regionally, copyright 2018 The President and Fellows of Harvard College.


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Yet, to what extent do such practices intervene upon the politics of our everyday lives?Actively participating in the activities of the Visual Studies and Media Culture Research Group (ViSMeC) and the Dept.Barbara Göbel, honorary Professor of Social and Cultural Antrhropology and Director of the Ibero-American Institute - regionally: Latin America - thematically: Cultural dimensions of risk management; vulnerability; Institutions and global environmental change, environmental perception; Gender relations and social identity; Knowledge circulation, knowledge forms, archives.”